The Late Late Show Fill In Hosts Thread

So far there’s been Drew Carey and the ladies of The Talk. I enjoyed both for the most part. I got tired of hearing “Award winning singer songwriter Linda Perry…” just about every time they mentioned Sara’s wife who was there with her band as the “house band” for that week.

Tonight Jim Gaffigan and his wife are awkwardly co-hosting and he involved his kids in the opening bits. I’ve always been indifferent to him as a comedian and he seems nice enough. It didn’t take long to learn why he’s hosting for 2 nights with the mention of a new show he has coming which will be on TV Land. Tonight’s guests Ashley Williams and Michael Ian Black are also going to be in Jim’s show too.

Here’s a link to see who the other hosts will be until James Corden debuts March 23rd.

I haven’t put in in my dvr yet, b/c I can’t quite bring myself to. (Dangit! I enjoyed cheeky wee Craig!) Also, it was one less thing for me to record. I like Gaffigan, but he is a guy that you have to get used to his rhythm. (For the record, at the time, I never thought Craig would be great as a host.)
I’m reserving my judgement on Corden. I may just give up the idea of late night tv.

I like Drew Carey but he turned it into the show that’s like every other late night show.
I like Jim Gaffigan but he turned it into a week long commercial for his show.
CBS knew that Craig Ferguson was leaving for quite some time and this is the best they could come up with ?
I will have to see what else they come up with but I have my doubts. I may have to change my DVR if this doesn’t get better.
Oh yeah, I didn’t even watch the Talk when it was on.

I keep watching and for the most part because these episodes have been like a wreck that’s hard to look away from even though you want to. There were things about all of them that annoyed me the most being Jim Gaffigan and his kids being on so many times throughout each episode. I really hope they were having fun. It’s one thing for guests to be on to promote upcoming projects but when it’s a continuous line of guests, the host and the hosts family promoting the same thing nightly it gets old fast.

The other person who really annoyed me was Lena Dunham. Would it kill her to wear something with sleeves? She skeeves me out so much even if she does say things I agree with on the rare occasion more times then not she usually follows up with something that makes me want to smack her upside her head.

I liked Drew the most so far honestly and it wasn’t weird for me seeing him at that time of night since I’m not a regular viewer of TPIR. He was awkward at times but in a cute way. I wish he could have hosted longer even though I know he’ll be the last guest host before James starts.

My problem with Drew Carey was that he kept banging on the desk. Every. Time. He. Spoke. It got to be that all I could hear was the desk-banging.

Hey Drew! Stop banging on the damn desk!!!

Also he talks so fast and doesn’t enunciate his consonants. It’s like a stew of vocal sounds all mixed together in a conglomeration that doesn’t make much sense.

The ladies of The Talk? Ye Gods! That was execrable!

I gave up after that and didn’t watch the third host (Gaffigan.)
My question is this: why did Craig have to toss it all in? If he was tired/bored/out of ideas, why didn’t he just do the “Johnny” thing and have guest hosts come in for a week or two (or a month) at a time so he could take time off to refresh his batteries? (No, I’m not bitter. Really.)

It’s not getting any better. I hope this one don’t bite the dust like so many others

Though on some level, this show does a good service. It shows us that it actually is pretty hard to be a good late night talk show host. That not everyone can do it.

They probably wouldn’t let him. I bet he would have stayed if they gave him 100% full control and allowed him to do whatever he wanted with the genre of talk show. He experimented, but it seems they always got him back to “suit, monologue, gag, guests”.

Someone should get him a show where he has total control.

I actually suspect he was getting reigned in more because Dave was quitting. I double Colbert will be in charge of the company.