The latest Jack Handey piece.

This is a link to the latest Jack Handey piece in the New Yorker.

I expect about 2% of the population to find it funny. But, hopefully that 2% finds it very funny.


I thought it was hilarious.

I’m 2%.


Me also.

I thought that was very funny. I figure more than 2% find if funny, but perhaps the people I hang out with aren’t quite representative of the general population.

Yeah, 2% seems pretty low.


Absolutely brilliant. This transcends ordinary humor and has moved into the realm of sublime poetry.

98% here.

OK, I smirked a couple of times, but this is not funny. It reads like a cross between Monty Python and Dave Berry, leaving out the funny bits from both.


I’m sure 2% of the population will find this very funny.
But what about the other 98% of us who don’t find it very funny at all?
What about the other 98% of us who realize that it is not a game, like
when you go to a party and make clothes out of toilet paper to see
who made the best looking tp clothes, then end up wearing the toilet
paper home because you went to the party naked in the first place. Not a
funny game where you toss rocks at baby birds trying to knock them out of the
nest until the pet store manager asks you to leave.

…wait, he said it was a game didn’t he, oh well, in that case I found it hillarious.

Thanks, that made my day :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Jack Handey.

Jack Handey, will you marry me?

(could you imagine the vows?)

I found it more than 2% funny.

I guess me too, I almost laughed maybe 3 times.

I’m with the 98 percenters – who make up 20% of this thread.

I guess I’m also in the 98% group. Some of the lines made me laugh, but an article composed of disjointed one-liners is not, as a whole, funny.

Ditto. Jack Handey has written some immortal (and, more importantly, funny) aphorisms, but alas, this didn’t do it for me.

I kept waiting for the punchline. It never came. It was entertaining at least. But it was no Jack Handey.
Oh, wait. Yes it was.

I heard that voice from SNL as I was reading it. It was mildly amusing. I’m at that W place so I couldn’t laugh out loud. But I found I didn’t want to. I smiled. 's’all. But I will be checking back there from time to time to see what esle JH has to say.

It was clever in spots, but more cute than actually funny. It was okay at best.

Why do you think that only 2% of the population would enjoy it? Seems that most of the people here liked it just fine. But that’s okay, I’m used to being one of the odd ones. :slight_smile: