The Laugh Out Loud Cats: Internet Humor from 1912

I suspect I’m the last person on Earth to learn about this, but a fellow what goes by the name of Ape Lad has been taking those ubiquitous lolcatz photos and turning them into early 20th century style comics. And it’s absolutely fucking brilliant. He’s got the art down pat, and when combined with the wierd pidgin English from the original photos, it turns it into something like the second coming of Krazy Kat. The comics concern the adventures of hobo, thief, and inveterate duck hater Meowlin Q. Kitteh and his leaf-obsessed kitten sidekick, Pip. This is the “origin” strip. Note the file’s sound effect in the first panel. There’s a lot of cute little references like that. Check out the first item on the menu in this one, for another good example. A few of 'em won’t make any sense if you don’t get the specific internet reference he’s making fun of, such as this comic, which refers to this horrible YouTube video, but more often, even if you don’t get the reference, there’s a charm to the comics that carries through anyway. Anyway, this link goes to the first page of the Laugh Out Loud Cats comics he has up on Flickr, and this one goes to his art blog, Hobotopia, where you can see the other projects Ape Lad has been working on. It’s good stuff: check it out.

Nice. :smiley:

Fricking brilliant…

Very nicely done. They can has cheeseburger.

I stumbled upon that the other day while googling lolcatz, It is truly a must see for all lolcat fans. That must have taken him forever to do that many in such relative detail.

You know, it really gets me…you know, being artistically inclined. I wish I could do something like that.

I also agree. He can has a cheezburger.


I would totally buy a t-shirt with this on it.

Kitteh no can has cheeseburger til 1924.

His Zazzle store has that on a keychain and a magnet, but not on a shirt. Someone has asked about a shirt with “O hai!” on the front and “kthxbai!” on the back in the store comments. You may yet get your chance.

Correction: That shirt is already available--

In fact, I ordered myself just that shirt as soon as I finished reading the archive.

I like it - layered and quite sophisticated.

People are always doing stuff

The best part is the comments section whenever someone posts one.
“NO way-- that is totally not for real. They didn’t have cheeseburgers in 1912–they were invented blah blah blah”
“Oh, no, indeed these are real-- my grandfather handed down a collection to my dad. . .”
“Anyone who beleives these r real is stupid!”
“Well, last week I was reading an article about these, published in 1962 in Comics International, which had a great interview of the author who was getting along in years, of course. . .”
“No these totally fake!”

A lot like the Longhorse deniers.

I love cats- I really do- but I just don’t get the whole “lolcats” thing. Evidently I’m missing something… :confused:

I didn’t know what a lolcat was either until recently. Basically, it’s a picture of a cat with a bizarre caption, such as “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?” Time magazine had a very interesting article on the phenomenon.

I am completely lost. Why is this funny? And how do you view the cartoons one by one?

Don’t cat threads go in MPSIMS?

Cats are amusing. They often strike amusing poses. Witty captions are applied. Captions use chat room speak (LOL, UR, TEH, various common misspellings and syntax – stuff that is frowned upon here). The captions reference things one might say in a chat room, or memes that have spread across the Internet (‘All your base are belong to us’, ‘I burning your dog’, etc.).

Referential and self-referential humour.

Go here. Click ‘view as slideshow’.

This is far funnier and more charming, and less irritating than lolcatz. Fair play! :slight_smile:

Edit: I just realised they look like the love child(ren) of Calvin and Hobbes.