The Lead Singer for Silversun Pickups is a Guy?!?

I was listening to the song “Lazy Eye” when I mentioned something about the female singer to my friend. He told me it wasn’t a girl singing, it was a guy. Wha-?!?! I didn’t believe him because honestly it sounds like a girl (I had never seen the band in a video or anywhere, just heard them on the radio). However, I have since confirmed that this is the case, not a girl a guy does the singing. Weird.

Am I the only one who didn’t know this?

You are not alone. The first few times I heard the song, I thought the same thing, until the DJ mentioned that the lead singer is a guy. Since then I inform everybody in my car, “That’s a DUDE!” when that song comes on. I haven’t heard anything else by them, but I do like this song. It reminds me of mid 90s music…maybe Hum? The Dambuilders? Idunno…

He sounds a bit more masculine on most of the rest of the album.

I think he sounds like Billy Corgan with the tape sped up a little bit (not necessarily a bad thing).

Well, at least in the video there are two singers, a man and a woman. The vocals do sort of sound like a duet. To me it just sounds like the female voice is dominant for most of the song.

I’m seeing them tomorrow at the Vogue in Indianapolis.

I’d never heard them before, and I’m not sure what I would have thought of the vocalist’s gender before seeing the vid. But about the vid, how old are those actors supposed to be? Is the band supposedly playing at an all-ages club? Many of them look quite a bit younger than 21.

I thought it was a new Tegan and Sara single when it came out. The latter half of the song does sounds like a guy, if you listen closely. :shrug:

I knew it was a guy, but then I’d already heard two of their other songs by the point that Lazy Eye had come out. I was very surprised recently to learn that the lead singer of The Photo Atlas was a guy, though. Does it sound like a guy to you on the Handshake Heart Attack track?

Yep, although I had a slight inkling that it might be a guy. There was a band called Kill Hannah who had a minor hit with “I wanna be a Kennedy.” I thought it was Shirley Manson when I first heard it. On their myspace, the other songs aren’t so striking, but the singer seriously sounds like a woman otherwise…

Yeah, it’s a moderately androgynous voice, until 2:50, when it turns into a boy.

Did anyone else see the (also androgynous) person in the crowd and think it looked like the chick Principal Rooney mistakes for Ferris in the arcade? Same costume, same hair.

Okay, I’m too old for this thread, aren’t I?

Videos like that crack me up: at least one member of the band (in this case the drummer, but in some videos its the entire band) appearing to be completely thrashing on his instrument when that intensity is not matched by the music itself. I’ve seen more laid-back drummers in heavy metal videos.