"The League of Gentlemen"

Does it have any recognition west of the Atlantic?

It’s weird enough to count as Pythonesque subversiveness…and obviously it’s had little promotion…

Has anyone heard of it? Let alone seen it?

It had a quick run over here on Comedy Central, I believe - maybe a season or two. I don’t think anybody watched it.

I used to watch it on BBC America. Good stuff, very surreal humor. I’m just wondering if any DVD’s have been released in the US.

I loved this. A friend of mine watched a couple of episodes and tried to convince me that it was not funny.

I think my fave was naked day.

I tried watching it buty I kept catching the same three episodes over and over and I was unsure how many were made and how many were in rotation. So I liked it but it got a little tiresome. I believe it’s out on DVD so one of these days I may rent it.

There were three series, each 6-8 episodes long. There’s plenty to see :slight_smile:

many of the episodes are somewhat repetitive, and it is easy to confuse them, since the same three guys play almost all the roles.

The third season consists of many views of the same event, and if you’re not watching the entire episode you might get the feeling that you’re catching the same episode over and over.

I haven’t seen past the third season, which I didn’t think much of. I preferred the first two seasons by far – can anyone tell me if the crew goes back to the recurring character stories approach in subsequent seasons?

He covets the fine things of the shop!

More exactly, each episode in the third season ends with the same incident, shown from a different perspective.

The third season was stylistically different from the previous seasons- it was darker, there was no canned laughter, and- I agree with Abe- it was not as good as the first two.

There has been no fourth season as yet.

You mean… not… Local?

I prefered the third series…but then again, I’m a bit odd :wink:

(In fact, the third series would probably just seem too strange for someone who hasn’t been ‘initiated’ by the others.)