The level of civil unrest we would see if Trump wins in 2020 in particularly galling fashion

There’d be quite a bit of violence, but from the right; not the left. It would be taken as confirmation that they are beyond all laws and restraints, and that the bigots have won forever. Why not just rape any woman you can grab, or drive-by a black neighborhood, or burn down a synagogue when your guy is in the White House?

CNN - Defeating Amy Klobuchar could give progressive Democrats a chance for real change

That Amy Klobuchar? She doesn’t seem too popular within her own party.

ETA: I may not be who you were talking about, but I don’t dislike her less than I dislike other Democrats.

I also hear men in red hats will walk around with nooses and attack every gay actor they see.

Was there massive violence the first time around?
I dont predict violence unless they (demo’s) shoot each other in murder suicide pacts
“Everyone” claims elections are rigged. (Generalizing again)

(I dont see where Mr President Trump is so bad at being in the office than any other president. Needs work in handling a few things including foreign policy but all in all, pretty good for not being in politics the way most of the other presidents have had-trying hard not to go off topic)

If Trump beats Warren I can imagine her followers would want to go on the warpath.

Remind me what the body count of that violence and vandalism is again?

And the count on the other side?

As long as the nation has existed, the rule has been that* anything *the right does is automatically justified, and anything everyone else does is evil. If a white guy shoots up a black church that’s not “terrorism”, that’s a “disadvantaged white man expressing his anxiety”, and anyone who so much as complains about being shot is a traitor and oppressor. Or is lying about being shot and is a “paid crisis actor”.

Let’s hope the scenario does not play out. If it did, there would certainly be some degree of unrest. Riots in the street, probably. I don’t know that it would give rise to a revolution. If the popular vote went say 55-45 one way and the one coming up short wins the Electoral College, then I think a revolution is a real possibility. We’d never see the EC disappear because the small states are not about to give up their disproportionate power.

The fact that James Hodgkinson was mostly incompetent in his assassination attempt does not provide me much comfort. YMMV.

There are more potential Micah Xavier Johnsons out there on the Left.

The fact that the lunatics on your side are more effective doesn’t provide me with much, either. Nor the fact that there’s so many more of them.

And? You pop in from time to time to give misinformation about illegal AR15 conversions or stealth brag that you really must sell off this-or-that expensive antique gun. Since you can shoot only one at a time, how many you brag about having doesn’t win you the field today.

Not to threadshit but it’s clearly hard to contrive a set of circumstances where the left loses their nut, but not so hard for the magas. Trump loses. That’s it.
Remember he primed his supporters to contest the outcome if he were to lose the first time and has advocated violence several times.

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Question for you: Do you concede that Micah Xavier Johnson’s killing spree was an example of (lethal) left-wing violence?

Sure. Do you concede that for every Micah Johnson, there’s ten Dylan Roofs?

I’m only aware of the one Dylan Roof. You alluded to body counts in an earlier post. I’m guessing there’s some source you’ve been reading for those. If so, what is it?

My biggest fear for 2020 is that we have a repeat of what happened in the 2000 election where the results were still not clear the morning after Election Day. And the recount situation ended up in the courts. I think the way Al Gore handled himself afterwards showed a lot of grace and humility on his part(I say this as a Republican who voted for George W.); I don’t think if Donald Trump was in Al Gore’s place he would have handle it as well as Gore did. I imagine Trump would always believe he was cheated out of the Presidency and never conceded he was defeated honestly.

There are still plenty of Democrats that believe their side was cheated out of the presidency in 2000.

Do we count that spree of cop killers we had over the past couple of years as left wing violence, since they were minorities specifically killing cops? The Dorners and what not.

Mainstream news.

Here’s some more names for you:

James Alex Fields, Jr.
James Harris Jackson
Robert Deer
Eric Frein
Jerad and Amanda Miller
Frazier Glenn Miller
Wade Page
Jerry and Joseph Lee

That’s ten right-wing terrorists, just going back to 2010. And that’s ignoring all the terrorists whose attacks failed to kill anyone, like Cesar Sayoc, or who were foiled before they could start, like the recently arrested Christopher Paul Hasson.