What would happen next if Trump ran, and lost in ‘24?

This is a question a lot of people are asking. Probably He would act presidential?

What is the context for the question? Are you asking if the Pubs are going to riot in all of the states Trump “lost” and carry Secretaries of State’s head on pikes? Or are you asking what what will happen in the Republican Party like will the Trumpinista’s fade away?

More of what we’re experiencing now, which is to say: tRump himself continuing to act like a rabid and caged dog, insisting to anyone who will listen that he actually won. A subset of his supporters, and his enablers of Fox News, OANN, etc., continuing to push the lie. Probably more violence like there was on January 6, although I seriously doubt the Capitol Police are ever going to be caught with their pants down like that again.

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Hard to say, given how much things can and likely will change in the next two to three years. If the right continues its gallop off into increasingly irrational extremism, then all sorts of unpleasant things are possible.

This sounds exactly like a Trump quote. I hope that’s deliberate.

He’d rally them all together and preach “You’re not going to let them get away with this again, are you?” Idiots would do something idiotic. He’d claim no responsibility again.

One thing for sure. Biden will not hesitate to send in the national guard for three hours.

What will happen? Trump will continue to lie and insist he won. The Trumpublicans will back this 100% and try not to count the vote, but of course, Kamala will just go ahead with or without the Republican members. I don’t think you will see a repeat of the insurrection. More likely, riots in various state capitals over the vote certifications. Great fun all around, no?

If Trump lost the election and our democracy survived any legal or extra-legal methods to overturn it, then I think he would be pretty much done as a force in the GOP. He would be griping about it to high heaven and will still have some followers possibly willing to take the law into there own hands, but I think that the rank and file GOP would start getting tired of his schtick.

The reason the big lie is working so far is that he can convince people either that the election will be over turned and he will be reinstated by Liddel’s court cases, or by the Biden impeachment of 2023, or that at the very least in 2024 the GOP will be ready for the steal and take active steps to prevent it. If this fails again in 2024 then its going to be clear that Trump isn’t working and they need to try someone new.

We would celebrate?

Well, there’s the one thing we know he won’t do.

Hope you are correct that things will change, because, at present, Trump would win not only the electoral vote, but even the popular vote:


Biden and Trump are known quantities, and Biden is more unpopular than Trump. To change minds, Biden has to do stuff that will get him enormous amounts of not wholly positive attention, thereby breaking into the consciousness of low information voters. This is a high risk strategy that Trump, and Trump alone, seems to have mastered.

Biden has been around a long time. I think he is okay. But I hope the Dems find a more charismatic candidate for 2024 and focus pragmatically on electability.

Do they have one of those?

(Serious question)


What would Donald do? Whine and cry and throw a tantrum like the entitled little bitch that he is. The MAGAbots would threaten violence but this time the National Guard would be called out in advance and nothing would really happen. Mitch McConnell will obstruct as always.

Good question. In my previous inquiry the board was not able to muster as many as ten candidates in total between all of us:

If Trump runs and loses, which I think is an unlikely scenario, that means the dems have won. Given Joe’s age and low ratings, the dems will be looking for someone to run against Joe in the primaries. Is the country ready to elect a bi-racial female president? Not for another 50 years IMO.

I think the bigger question would be:

If Trump runs for office, going through the traditional primary process, the electoral college, etc. when he is telling us that he believes that the Democrats plus a mysterious group of Deep Staters masquerading as Republicans are in position, have the capability and the will to cheat him out of the vote - then he’s publicly admitting that he doesn’t believe that there was any cheating. He can’t run and continue to maintain the idea that he lost fairly.

It’s like if someone asked you, “Do you want to play this game called ‘Heads I win / Tails you lose’? If you lose, I get to punch you in the balls!” Short of being a masochist, no man is going to play that game. By Trump’s argument on how he lost, that’s the only game being offered to him in the country, right now.

Given that Trump’s principal argument that he wasn’t breaking the law by pressuring the election overseers to change the vote for him, is that he believed there was cheating; the only way he can seek office again without creating legal peril for himself is some form of violent coup.

So if he does run for office again, a) every liberal in the land should pound on the question of why someone would run when they expect to get punched in the nards, and b) the man better hope that he can slow down the courts during the election period all the way until he attains office, because he’ll be shredding his legal defense for criminal malfeasance for the better part of a year.

That’s far too subtle an argument to work on anyone who might even conceivably vote for Trump, though. Pound on it all you want, but literally contradicting himself from one day to the next has simply become an accepted practice by the Republicans. Most of his supporters don’t even notice the contradiction, even when you point it out to them.