What would happen next if Trump ran, and lost in ‘24?

Democrats failed to knock Trump for almost everything he did which was dumb, during his whole Presidency. There was lots and lots of moaning about how cruel he was and how non-PC he was, but I think the only times he ever got flack for saying something dumb was when he suggested injecting bleach and that’s the sort of thing you can explain away as a brain fart.

I mean, you could have spent 4 years responding to every Republican with, “The guy who hired Omarosa? The guy who shrank his dad’s business?” Instead it was all, “He’s being mean to people who illegally entered the country! How dare he!”

If you don’t try a thing, you can’t say that it won’t work.

The primary mistake that the media always made was to treat Trump seriously. Other joke candidates were too dumb for them to even comment on. To the extent that they did, they’d just point to one example of stupidity, in a dismissive way, and move on. They didn’t for Trump because he’s just fun to watch, and they wanted all the clicks and views.

But the strategy of ignoring and dismissing is how you do it. Don’t even entertain the question. Mock and drop, that’s the way to win against nonsense, not to entertain it, debate it, nor take it seriously.

People don’t buy logical, well reasoned arguments, but they do read body language and adapt to match it. If the Democrats treat Trump like a serious person, whose thoughts and ideas should be given due merit - even if just to say that “most experts disagree” - then people will think that those ideas have value and that the experts are probably just crazy, ivory tower denizens that don’t understand things. No one would waste the time bringing up Trump’s ideas against them, after all, if those ideas didn’t have some merit to begin with. But, for whatever reason, we decided to go ahead and do it anyways.

I genuinely recommend to try being disdainful and mocking. You will get far more change than by trying to engage and sway through discussion. Treat the idiot like you would an idiot and your body language will sell more minds than your words.

I’ve been training for this job my entire life!

I’m becoming more and more skeptical of the accuracy of these polls – even the so-called “A+” polls. In more “normal” political climates, this might be accurate. Currently they are trying to build a house of cards in a hurricane.

You seem to be saying that if someone claims that he lost a game because his opponent cheated, he cannot claim that he will win a rematch. That’s not the way competitive people think. They think they’ll come back and be so successful they’ll overwhelm their opponent despite however much cheating their opponent does.

I expect that if Trump runs for President again, he will be stating loudly and often that he was cheated in 2020. And if he loses in 2024, he will continue stating loudly and often that he was cheated. And will again refuse to make a concession speech.


Well, yeah, but the time to do that was in 2015 when he was still thought to be a vanity candidate. But what hapened was that the "strategy’ was not one of “ignore and dismiss” but rather of “point at the freak while making a shocked face” 24/7.

Little did his opponents know that was the best of both worlds for him. Early on he was not taken seriously as a threat to win so nobody cut him off at the knees good and hard at the start, expecting him to eventually screw himself up; but at the same time, he was treated seriously enough as someone worth propagating what he said.

And to be really effective, a dismissive approach would have needed the cooperation of the other Republicans, who refused to scorn Donald from Day One, because they thought they could use him as the “loose cannon” and look statesmanlike while getting ready to be the one who would harvest his voters “when he inevitably dropped out”.

Trumps dirty laundry is out there for all to see. Trump can’t hide it. He doesn’t care. That’s his freaking business model. How many lawsuits has Trump been involved in? I think it’s over 3,000. It’s his way of life.

Others, well some, actually have the human emotion of shame, and don’t want that out there.

I think he’s our only hope. Edit : whoops this is in reply to Senegold re Buttigieg. Apparently I haven’t figured out how the new board works yet.

If Trump loses in 2024 Trumpism is done for. He’ll definitely be too old to run again in 2028, and having lost twice Republicans probably wouldn’t want to give him a third chance. The Republicans might win in 2028, but if they do, it’ll be because the Democrats shot themselves in the foot between 2024 and 2028.

I agree. Yes, it’s 3 years out, but at this point my biggest suggestion for Democrats would be for Biden to announce that he is a one term president and for Harris to join him in being a one term VP. Let a bunch of outsiders hold a mostly positive primary, and hopefully someone young, energetic, charismatic, and capable will emerge.

What keeps me up at night is Biden deciding he’s not going to run in 2024 and the field clears for Harris. I like Harris a lot, but I worry that she’s not electable. The single most important thing is that Donald be denied that second term.

First of all, they need to give up on making it easy to vote. Making Election Day a holiday is not going to help the Democrats. And now that Democrats are more educated than Republicans, eliminating voter ID isn’t going to help the Democrats either. Instead they need to limit their attempt to change election law to strengthening the Electoral Count Act so that state legislatures and GOP tellers can’t change the rules after Election Day. Manchin and Simena actually support that. Even some Republicans will.

Without a fair final vote count, even if the Democrats find a winning candidate and message, it won’t matter.