The license plate on my new vehicle is cool

I bought a new SUV a few weeks ago and they gave me new license plates with it. I realized this morning that I had no idea what the plates were so I took a look. They are 411 CB1 which I think is pretty fitting for a Doper. I doubt anyone else will ever notice but I like the code.

Okay, I’ll bite. What does this mean?

411 is the number to call for information(phone numbers) and has become a slang expression for info in general( “Let me tell you the 411 on that”)

Correct. I think I need to install a CD radio in it at as well because I am apparently the numero uno honcho on that handle.

Breaker 19 to 411 CB1. Can a plane take off on a treadmill? I am stuck in sticky situation here and I need an answer fast!

Hell yeah old buddy. No need to worry. It should be off the ground in just a minute straight ahead. I just burned your Golden Retriever.

Thanks 411 CB1.

Breaker 19 to 411 CB1: What is the deepest spot in the ocean?

Remember that whore you shacked up with in Reno for a few months. The name is the same and the idea is too.

Thanks 411 CB1.

Breaker 19 to 411 CB1: Why do I feel so hot in here? I feel like I am going to pass out.

It’s a 1920’s style Death Ray. Modern truck cabs are mostly shielded from them so they only cause some temporary discomfort.

Thanks 411 CB1.

Breaker 19 to 411 CB1: What is it you are doing when you do the “shagnasty?”


I like the CB1 part.

That’s brilliant, wunderkammer!

Obviously, someone at Motor Vehicles thinks you’re a prison snitch, giving out info on everyone in cell block one.