The limitations of an iChat camera?

As near as I can figure, this Apple iChat camera will work with iChat ( which seems to be an Apple version of AIM ) and in a limited way, on Yahoo.

Is it true that it cannot load using AOL or AIM in the traditional sense? How about MSN Messenger or ICQ? Aside from having fun with the blasted thing, I would like to be able to use it on Skype for video conversations of a business type.

It is, to me, one of the few serious drawbacks and “elitist” hardware issues still involving Macs. Now, there ARE NO webcams or video systems that will work with OS-X 10.4 or the upcoming 10.5, except this single unit.

Anyone know of work-around that will permit this hardware to work with different software than iChat and Yahoo ?


I’m almost positive it works with Skype right now. The fact that it doesn’t work with AIM or other IM clients is probably a software, rather than hardware issue.

There’s almost definitely going to be a new version of iChat released or announced tomorrow, so hang tight for that one.

Oh, and the camera is called iSight. iChat is just Apple’s chat client.

My bad. I confuse my iPhrasing sometimes. When tired, I become quite iBefuddled. :slight_smile:

Yeah, MacWorld is happening. I didn’t think about that- but, would that cause a new release of one of the IM’ing softwares I mentioned to come out, or perhaps a tweak to iSight software? The latter, I would guess.

Still, a great idea- I will keep a good eye out on news releases from the Apple home page on this. Thanks !!

Not sure, but this is a little suspicious:

Still not a good explanation on what that update was necessary and required a restart for a simple IM update. Possibly to interact with an iPhone, or prepare for an early release of Leopard… your guess is as good as mine, but you can bet on SOMETHING iChat related happening tomorrow.


Why am I tempted to wait two days before doing this?

If you have one of the newer Macs that runs Windows too, the iSight works with MSN and Skype just fine…

It’s annoying to have to start up the Mac as a Windows machine to use the iSight with other programs, but it works if you want it… I’d sure rather have those programs working on the Mac part of my computer…