The Lion King show in Las Vegas

I’m going to Las Vegas on Memorial Day for a couple of days. Right after the holiday weekend, it seems almost every show is dark. Not surprising as I’m sure it will be a slow time. The Lion King is playing at Mandalay Bay, however. I’m thinking about attending. I like the movie and the music, never seen the show.

I’m guessing that large shows like this have a “B” cast which will probably make up the majority of this show.

Anyone been?

I’ve never been to Vegas, but I saw The Lion King in Nashville about 3 years ago. It was FABULOUS. Definitely worth seeing.

I saw it on Broadway and thought it was FANTASTIC.

I saw it on Broadway within the first year after it came out (so about twelve years ago? wow!) Anyway, having seen the film more than once, I found the plot/songs/etc. very familiar, although there were slight changes, but visually it was quite stunning. Think about what you like in a play - are you there for the spectacle? Familiar songs? Interesting plot?

I’ve seen it in London and in LA. It’s fantastic. The costumes alone are worth the ticket price. Definitely see it.

I just saw it in Vegas two months ago (birthday gift for my mom) and enjoyed it quite a bit–I’d say it’s definitely better than the movie and very inspired in how they recreate all the various animal characters and settings.

I don’t think it really matters who is in the cast, assuming they are competent. You’re really going for the visual spectacle, which is stunning.


I have been watching the clips from various shows on You Tube. This show looks outstanding. Even if I see a “B” cast, there are going to be some performers who are looking for their chance.

I know that a lot of Disney shows have gotten bad reviews on Broadway, but the Lion King looks like a show that has crossed that boundary.

Try to get your tickets early because it was the most in demand show in town next to “O”. The folks that I talked to at Half-Priced tickets and our hotel/casino during our recent visit said likewise. If you’re able to get tickets, enjoy the show!

I’m confused; are you saying it might be a “B” cast because it’s in Las Vegas, or because it’s Memorial Day? Because either way it’s kind of a silly thing to say. The Las Vegas production holds auditions in New York so they’re pulling from the same pool of actors, and the budget is almost the same as the Broadway production (for this particular show) so they’re not skimping on spectacle. If it’s because of the Memorial Day thing and you’re worried you’ll be seeing a lot of understudies, I guarantee no actors are going to take that holiday off work.

Go, enjoy yourself, it’s a great show. :slight_smile:

It is a great show. A bit different from the movie but don’t worry about seeing understudies or the ‘touring company’ of a show.

Agree with what the others have said. Lion King, just like Jersey Boys at the Palazzo, or Phantom of the Opera at The Venetian, are all “real casts” and are not on tour; they perform in the same show, same theater, night after night. And yes, they are usually cast in New York or LA - so it is not like you are getting “B” actors from some high school in Twinhole, Montana. These are all Equity union actors.

In addition, the production values (stage, sets, costumes, sound, etc.) are state of the art - many Broadway actors are stunned to see theaters that are vastly superior to most of the theaters they know. Then again, the theaters here are new, and lots of money was spent building them.

Have fun - and just in case you want to see anything else while you are in town, it doesn’t hurt to check what is listed at those half price ticket booths on The Strip - you might be surprised to see some other listings that might interest you and be affordable as well.

And in the case of PHANTOM at least (I don’t know about the others), several of the same leading actors will move around between Broadway, Vegas & the National Tour, so you really *are *seeing “Broadway quality” performances no matter where you are.

That’s right, and the Vegas production of Phantom received a state-of-the-art sound system well before the Broadway production received an overhaul. Until recently, in NY they were still using the same one they opened with 22 years ago. So for a while the Vegas production was arguably better than the Broadway one.

I love Vegas and I love the Mandalay Bay, but it was right here in Rochester, NY that I saw The Lion King. I started crying immediately. I mean the moment the first performers began to appear. It was a breathtaking show.

You’re gonna love it.

I thought it might be a B cast because I figured it would be mostly understudies. The day that I’ll see it is the day after Memorial Day. I’ve decided to attend anyway.

I saw the road show and I’m a snob about theater- it was great. The first show I’ve ever been to that got a standing ovation after the first number (Circle of Life) and deserved it (again the visual and staging as much as the music).

Dale, go, I’m a cranky miserable bastard that doesn’t like anything, and I really enjoyed it, I was there a few months ago. The Phantom of the Opera was pretty sweet too, saw that last year.

The only other “show” I’ve ever seen was Beauty and the Beast in NYC about 15 years ago, and as much I enjoyed that (not the driving in NYC part:mad:), the Vegas shows blew that away.

Ticket wise, all the discount places and the last minute half price crap with the mile long lines, to me didn’t seem like such a great deal. My experience is go to the ACTUAL website (mandalay bay in this case), find what you want and call, it seems to me that you get a lot more options and some killer seats by calling. I ended up 5 rows back to the right.

warning you will encounter complete idiots at the will call desk, not the employees but the people in front of you. For some reason showing an ID and getting handed your tickets (30 seconds, minute tops) takes 30 minutes.

I just got back from the show last night. I loved every single second of it and the performers deserved all the applause they received. Every aspect of the show was world class, but I’ve got to point out how amazing the staging of this show is. I was in the 4th row for only $80 with a discount coupon from Mandalay Bay’s Facebook page. Next time I’m in Las Vegas, I"m spending more time in the theatre and less time in a casino.