“The Lockdown”: David Spade Comedy

Heard David Spade summarizing the Covid lockdown on comedy radio today. Wish I could find it on YouTube. Trying to paraphrase what I remember.

“All I wanted was for them to open restaurants again. Finally after a year, the government made their announcement.”

“We are now moving to tangerine tier. We are pleased to be announcing the opening of quarries, serpentaria, feed lots and welding firms.”

“What? Quarries? What about restaurants?”

“Oh, that’s stage magenta. Maybe in a few months.”

He goes on to talk about three companies making vaccines available in the same week. The first one had 90% efficacy. The next 95%. The last one 96%, but was available as a bath bomb…”

Not the biggest Spade fan, but it was a very funny routine…

It sounds like it might be a routine from Spade’s 2022 Netflix comedy special ‘Nothing Personal”.

Could be. Comedy radio wasn’t very specific in its title.