The LOLcat Passover Story

The LOLcat Passover Story.

This is awesome. We totally need to do a lolcat Haggadah.

Needs pichurs.

O noes! Jooz kittehs no can has cheezburgers! :eek:

OMG, the only thing missing are pictures.

Akshually kittehs are not Joos, only hoomins can be Joos, so kittehs can has cheezburgers.

If kittehs can eat teh non-koshur frogs and locusts, they can has cheezburgers.

I know quite a few people whose animals are kosher, because they are kosher. They choose not to come in contact with any non-kosher products and that includes food for their pets. Evanger’s ( lists the products of theirs that are kosher.

My kittehs are Jooz. They no can has cheezburger, but they can has gefilte fish.

Jooz no can has bread in house during Passover, so Jooz kittehs no can has bread during Passover.

I assume you guys are already acquainted with the LOLCat Bible Translation Project

Oh noes! Jooz male kittehs have bris too?

Of course Jooz male kittehs has bris. What do you think neutering is? :wink:

Nitpick – at least some locusts are kosher… :slight_smile:

And I see your Lolcat Passover Story and raise you the Facebook Haggadah :smiley:

Kittehs iz girls.

Hillarious! Here’s the Programmer’s Haggadah.

I know God moves in mysterious ways, but What kind of Shell Script Language is that?!?!? :smiley: