The Lost Keys weekend and drama

Hopefully this won’t be too confusing-I’m tired and rather pissed. Not enough for the pit though.

My girlfriend, K, had an event this weekend so I took a couple days off work. On Friday we went to see The Simpsons movie. Not too bad, I think I’ll like it more the second time around. Before that we went and looked at houses, I am planning on buying in the near future.

Saturday was a ‘work show’ for my Ks graphic artists association . I got volunteered for that. I helped with the setup and manned a ticket booth. I got extra bonus boyfriend points for that. According to K all her friends now believe I am the bestest boyfriend ever for doing all that work, The show gave out awards and K won a 1500 software package (Woot!) in a drawing. Not a bad show and we got to stay at the Stratosphere on Saturday night. Sunday we went out to the lake with some friends and Ks daughter.

All in all it was a great weekend, except I lost my keys somewhere on Friday and Ks sister is a raging bitch. I have no idea where I lost my keys, more about the sister later. I drove my GFs car and I thought I left my keys at her house. In any case, we had so much to do on Saturday and Sunday that I didn’t have a chance to scour her house/car/etc to find my keys. I was a bit stressed about that because my backup keys were also gone*.

So Sunday night we get to Ks house after going to the lake. It had been a long weekend. K has her sister living with her. I’ll call her N for nutjob. N is a piece of work. She is in her 30s, works at a low paying job, has an attitude that truely amazing and not in a good way. While we at the lake K started feeling ill. She threwup a couple times (which I didn’t see happen) and felt like crap.

So we get home and N is mad because we didn’t take her to the lake. We didn’t invite her because it wasn’t my boat. After the following incident she is never getting on my boat. We get in and K heads up stairs. I told N that K wasn’t feeling well and N responded with ‘serves her right’. I turned and walked away. I must explain about N. N has been living with K for 2 years. N is in her 30s, has a nowhere job making almost nothing. She has no goals. She has almost no income and hasn’t been paying rent or buying food. When K got a new computer, N threw a fit because K sold the old one. N originally agreed to buy the old one, but having no money, couldn’t pay for it. N got mad because she couldn’t have a $1500 computer for free (it’s a Mac, K got 1500 for it*). K asked me to go out and buy dinner, which I did. K asked me to get N some food as well, which I did even though N should fend for herself. We ate and then N wanted me to help fix her computer. K went upstairs to lay down and I found a set of instructions for N to follow to try and get her computer fixed**. At that point Ks daughter, H, came down stairs asking N for some lotion and asprin. H got a little sun burnt and was in pain. N said to H (and I am not making this up):

“Go away. I am working on my problem. My problem is more important.”

I took H, got her some asprin and left the room. K heard this from upstairs and came downstairs, which is a good thing becuase I was right on the edge of laying N out. I mean right on the edge just smacking the shit out of N. I am not a violent guy, I don’t remember hitting anyone since about the 4th grade. I don’t believe in violence but man I was close. K had heard what N said to H, her 9 year old girl who was in pain, and went off (verbally) on N.

H, the 9 year old, was upset or course. She didn’t understand why her aunt was so mean to her. K and I explained that N was upset and took it out on the wrong person. H was so upset that she ended up sleeping on the bed with us that night.

So this morning, after much searching, I still can’t find my keys. I got down to the Hyundai dealership and they rocked. I am writing a letter to the dealership because they were so good. They got me a new set of keys and remotes in under a half hour and the service area was just jammed with cars, they were way busy. I was totally impressed.

Some good news did come out of this. K spoke with her Mom and N is going to go live with Mom now. N is living in the house, not paying bills and basically being a total bitch while living for free. It isn’t going to continue. Now K is trying to get Mom to put some pressure on N so that N doesn’t just go on with the whole mooching off people thing. My advice is simple. Give N a time limit to find another place to live. If she doesn’t meet it, bummer, she goes out anyway. N is at a point where she needs to take care of herself. Ns strategy at this point is to mooch. If someone tells N something she doesn’t like, N screams like a banshee until she gets her way. K has put up with this because K loves her. K finally realized that this is not doing N any good. So N isn’t going to live with K anymore. N is going to live with Mom and K is trying to convince her Mom that N needs to have firm limits set on what she has to do. Mom apparently said she’d give N two years. K is now trying to convince Mom that giving N that much time is a bad thing as N will just sit on her ass and do nothing. We’ll see how that goes. In any case, K is getting the stress of having to support her sister off her shoulders. This is good. It also opens up the door to us moving in together. I would not live in a house with N. K has mentioned us doing the living together thing. We’ll see.


Yeah, this is long. I just needed to write it out.

  • The resale value on Macs is way higher than I expected.

**I got N the detailed instructions on how to fix the problem. N deleted a program instead of uninstalling it and then tried to install a newer version of the same program. The installer didn’t like that much. So regedit ensued. I only did this because K asked. I really don’t like N. If you help her she just bitches because you aren’t doing it right/fast/whatever.

***I left a spare set at my parents house. They are the most responsible people I know. I am amazed that they misplaced the keys.

Please forgive my selective reading, but Congratulations! You are getting rid of N and opening the door to live with your SO. You got your keys back in less time than you spent worrying about it. You got through a series of unfortunate events doing always the right thing. Not too bad for a bad weekend.

So how was the lake?

Sapo, overall it was a great weekend. The key thing sucked and the sister thing sucked but had a possibly very happy outcome.

Pygmy Rugger, the lake was fun with the exception of K feeling a bit ill. I am still a bit tired from the weekend. It was long with lots of stuff to do.


What a pain. Sounds like it is all working out for the best - and who knew when your K threads started that your biggest issue would be whether her bitch sister could move out - so K might move in with you. How cool is that?

It is way cool. Things are going really well. She saw me pissed for the first time and didn’t freak about it. I was rather annoyed with the key thing. Thankfully when I get pissed my eyes just bug out a bit and I don’t talk a lot. :slight_smile:

Now we’ll see how she does at the mini- Vegas dopefest. I haven’t introduced her to this site.