The Lost personality test


I’m a Charlie.


I’m Jack, which is weird, because I look like a Hurley/Locke cross.

First time I tried it, I came out Sawyer.

Then, I tried again (with only two different answers), and I was Kate.


I got some woman, but it didn’t say her name.

I’m Jack.

I’m Shannon, which is weird, since I didn’t think I had the. . .parts. . .for that.

I’m Charlie too. My heroin addiction might have clinched it.

I played it twice. I’m apparently a Charlie/Kate mutt. Interesting combination.

Apparently I’m Sawyer. Again, missing some essential parts for that, but hey–what are you gonna do? :wink:

I was trying to make it come out Hurley, but I got Charlie instead.

Ditto. I also have to be honest in saying I’m nowhere as hot as she is either. As for the personality side… :confused:

Another Charlie here… at least it was the right gender. I think I’m closer to Jin.

I’m a Sawyer. No surprise there.


Damn. If I was Kate I’d never leave the house.

Dude - I’m a Hurley!

Shaanon. Oh well. at least I’m pretty.
I would have guessed anyone but her.
I feel more like Hurley, minus the luck.

I’m some hot guy who thinks other people are suckers. Luckily I’m two steps ahead of them because they are coming to kick my ass.

I’m a Sawyer as well…

“Other people are suckers, and you use that to your best advantage. You are always two steps ahead of everybody else, which is helpful, because they are usually coming to kick your ass.”

Rock on, I’m a Sawyer, too. Didn’t think I was that much of an ass but I guess if I were stranded on an island, I could be. And we’re from the same state…maybe it’s a regional trait.

Torn on a few answers, so I took it twice.

First time Kate, second time Sawyer. Not a bad combination :slight_smile:

Well, I guess the next time someone tells me what to do with myself, I won’t wince at the thought…