The Louvre and Nazi Looting

I was wondering where the works of art were hidden during the Nazi occupation to prevent looting. Wiki just mentions that they were hidden, but doesn’t say where or provide many details.
Can anyone provide more detail?

Much of the Louvre collection was moved the Chateau de Chambord in the Loire Valley. The wikipedia article doesn’t state so, but presumably the castle was in the Vichy administered Free Zone.

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They moved the collection a couple times and things ended up in different places, mostly large chateaux out in the country. I recommend the excellent The Rape of Europa for details about what happened to art all over Europe during the war.

It’s amazing how organized the museum staffs were and how much work went into protecting things. The book has a picture of the ramp they had to construct to get the Winged Victory and Venus out of the museum. Those ladies ended up at the Château de Valençay.

The book is also a film that I haven’t yet seen.

I was going to say that this report was going to be by memory, but YouTube has the documentary:

Golden Prison - The Louvre (1978)

Back in the old country that documentary about the Louvre made in France was shown constantly in the public education Chanel.

High production values and detailed model work showing the evolution of the museum from dungeon to palace to museum.

When the days of the 2nd word war came the french historian reported that the Nazis came to the Louvre expecting to take all its treasures and found…

Nothing… Nothing… Nothing. [Dramatic before and after pictures showing for example the Venus de Milo in her room and then only the empty room as the Nazis found it. (On the 4th part of the video at 8:40)]

The very patriotic Presenter then claimed that Goering’s ferrets looked high and low for the art pieces but they were hidden in salt cellars, mines private homes, and other secret locations.

He claimed that none of those hidden pieces were found by the Nazis, and when the war was over all of them returned home, to the Louvre, every single one.

I have to go a little bit :dubious: on that assertion, but I have not noticed reports that could contradict that say so.

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