The Luca Brasi Gambit

What a horrible idea sending him right into Sollozzo’s camp to be killed.

Luca Brasi is the Hulk. Not 007.

Sollozzo already knows that Brasi would never betray the Don, and that he can’t be called stopped or reasoned with.

It’s like sending Captain America to the Russians and having him tell them he’s not satisfied with his pay.

Agreed 100%. Always bugged me. Puzo just got sloppy with that or Coppola did.

When you look at what made GF work it was acting and directing, photography and costumes, settings and music. Not heft of the story lines. Still one of the best movies and (almost) franchises ever.

In the novel, Brasi is not portrayed as being as stupid as he appeared in the movie, but he was an effective businessman and a shrewd and deadly family operative. In that context, he might not have been so likely to be mindlessly loyal to the Don as in the movie. So it might have been more plausible to Solozzo that Brasi might actually have been willing to think about crossing over for a better deal. In the movie, however, he seemed like one step above a drooling idiot, and it’s hard to see in that sort of portrayal how he could have even risen to the level of independent thinking needed to become a traitor.

Here’s a depressing thought. Godfather III (which I have not seen and feels like it was made maybe in 1999) was made TWENTY-THREE years ago. Only sixteen years passed between Godfather II and III.

If Luca Brasi of the movie was not as smart as Brasi of the book, it might be because Lenny Montana was not an actor and couldn’t read his lines all the way through without blowing them. I’ve read but have no cite that when filming Brasi’s speech to the Godfather, they eventually gave up, used a take where he blew his line and looked embarrassed and then added the scene where he rehearses his line in front of Michael and Kay. This made it impossible for the movie character to be anything but a big, dumb oaf.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but here’s an explanation- Sollozzo notes to Tom that the Don was “slipping.” For example, the Don is complacent enough to go out with Fredo as his only bodyguard despite the fact that he is clearly concerned about what Sollozzo and the Tattaglias might be scheming. In addition, he doesn’t see the big picture about Sollozzo’s drug business when both Tom and Sonny do.

Another thing I’ve heard is that the cat wasn’t planned. It just happened to wonder on to the set and Brando decided to pick it up and pet it during the scene.

There’s tons of stuff in the Godfather that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, like how it was so easy to hit all those mob bosses at the same time. Those steps where Barzinni got his were conveniently barren of bystanders. After puffing up the stairs with the shotgun in the flower box, how did Clemenza know his prey would emerge from the elevator when they did? When all those big mob guys are bumped off, Michael, or at least the Corleone family, would be under official scrutiny. Probably not the best time to strangle someone in the driveway in broad daylight. One more: isn’t it odd (and convenient) that the Turk wouldn’t have had someone sitting outside Louis’s cafe in the Bronx during that meeting?

The scene was a happy accident. The actor was so nervous being in the same scene as acting legend Marlon Brando that he kind of flubbed his pledge, making the audience see that its not the huge imposing guy that’s the true badass, but the man who controls him.

All the mob bosses got hit during the baptism sequence. Connie’s husband would have been knocked off about an hour after that.

Since we’re discussing GF: They shoot Paulie seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and just walk away leaving him in the car. The police couldn’t trace the car back to the owner?

And in GF II, when Rocco shoots Roth, then they kill Rocco; they couldn’t find out who Rocco was, and who he associated with?

My son and went to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and afterwards we were wondering what the next reboot would be. It would have to be an older movie franchise that could be done differently. Our favorite choice was a darker version of Beverley Hills Cop, but we never thought of The Godfather Begins

Could have been stolen or otherwise clean. Or maybe it was in Paulie’s name.
The death of Roth was the thing that bothered me most in the first two movies. The mob does not do suicide missions. If they did it would be hard to get good goons.

The killer in that situation was Rocco Lampone. A Caporegime. Not a random mook.

The thing to remember in the GF movies was that everyone, including the police, KNEW who was responsible for all the killings - which family, if not specifically which person. It was never a matter of the police having to track down leads to identify a suspect. It was a matter of what they could prove. So the idea wasn’t to leave the police with a locked room mystery - it was to deny them any evidence that they could use in court to convict someone. That’s why they always left the gun - the untraceable fingerprint-proof gun - if they took it, they ran the risk of the gunman being caught with it, but if they left it, it basically became useless as evidence.

Sending Luca was a result of Sonny’s outburts. When he says to Sollozzo " You mean to tell me…" it showed Sollozzo that there were people in the family who were interested in getting in the drug business but that the Godfather was holding them back. If Sollozo got rid of the Godfather then they could all partner together in the drug business. Luca’s motivation betraying the godfather was all of the money he could have made in the drug business. Since most mobsters are psychopaths who only care about money it would have been easy to believe that he would betray the godfather for money. The Godfather sees this as soon as Sonny opens his mouth. What he does not see is the involvement of Tattaglia and he lets his guard down. He still was way ahead of everyone else in the family.

You could also argue that Vito tasked Luca with being the mole because he’s such an unlikely candidate to be a mole. There’s a logical thread that says “If I send someone known for being cunning and quick to go be Sollozzo muscle, they might come to the same logical conclusion that he’d make a good plant. I have to pick someone that appears so dense my enemies might even feel comfortable discussing delicate issues in front of him because they think he’s a nimrod.”

The “c’mon, wouldn’t they be able to trace back the gun/car/murderer?” kind of misses the point. If Michael had been in trouble he… would have had to leave the country for a couple of years? Get called before a special hearing dedicated to looking into the Mafia? Imagine that :wink:

Not to rain on a perfectly fun thread, but wouldn’t it be cool to look at other esteemed classics in movies and TV and point out how illogical and Implausible some of their main points and characters are in the cold light of day?

I’m reminded of an old Gahan Wilson (or one of his imitators’) single-frame cartoons where this little old lady was reading from a book of nursery rhymes to a toddler and says, "Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon…Preposterous!)

Sounds like a good idea to me. Post it and they will come.

It would probably be easier to list the movies that don’t qualify. :smiley: