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Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I recently received a bottle of The Macallan’s 1824 Select Oak. Haven’t tried it yet. I’ve really cut back on the booze but look forward to savoring a wee dram here or there.

I know Macallans was founded in 1824.

The “1824” is targeted at the international traveler market. I believe it goes for about 50 pounds.

But there is no age on the bottle. Is this just playing off of the Macallan’s name by pawning off some underaged malt on the tourists?

One thing you will notice in all of The Macallan Scotch is that it is not as smoky as others so this is a great introduction to the category of whiskey and the Select Oak is a fine, reasonably priced ($53/liter) beginner’s Scotch. While this single malt uses three different casks including sherry- or bourbon-seasoned American oak, a higher portion comes from first-fill sherry oak that are selected by The Macallan’s Master of Wood, George Espie. At 80 proof, this bottling has a sweet nose marked with vanilla and butterscotch that follows through to the taste where it is backed by spice. It finishes semi-sweet and pleasurably long, but not exhaustively so.

It’s one of a select group of 4 that are only available at duty-free shops. Under-age it isn’t. The current issue of Whiskey Advocate speaks rather highly of the release.

I’ll report back when I crack it open and try just a wee little bit.

But what is the age? Or average age? My search-fu didn’t show anything and the Macallans website and the actual bottle don’t say…

I’ll bet anything it isn’t actually vintage 1824.

It doesn’t have an age. It’s a blend of different barrels, so there is no age statement.

Disappointing. I’m no connoisseur but I’d take the bog standard 12 year old Macallans over this any day of the week. Maybe it’s just the aging cask mix.

I would take the Balvenie Double Wood 12 year at half the price over this any day of the week. I first bought the Balvenie for the price and stayed for the taste. I have tried a range of 12 year old single malts based on the price they were going for at duty free.

Anyhoo, not to look a gift horse in the mouth but color me disappointed.

AAIK, Macallan it at its peak with the Cask Strength bottling. Sheer perfection.

An age statement by no means indicates a bottle is from a single barrel! - unless it’s labelled as such (“Single Cask”) and premium priced I think it’s safe to assume it isn’t - it does indicate the minimum age of the spirit in the mix though.

With no age statement it’s possible the bottle contains spirit as young as 3 years old (the legal minimum) - and if it were, say, all 12+ years old I suspect they’d label it as such - but in the end all that matters is whether or not you like the end product.

No problemo, just send it to me and I’ll make sure it gets properly disposed of…:smiley:

Thats pretty good stuff. Honestly. Mind you if you are a true Single malt affectionado you might prefer a different $50 bottle of Scotch, but that’s a matter of taste.

The best $50 bottle of single malt is…

a $100 bottle of single malt.

From Macallan, there’s pretty much no chance of any of the casks being under 12 years old… None of their other labels are… Check out their website they’ll tell you

Right, but I didn’t see any mention of age when I regarding the Macallan 1824 when I went on their website. A intarwebs Search didn’t turn up anything either, thus I turned to the Dope.