The Mall Ninja

I can across this archive of a thread from another forum, while surfing another forum, so I’m sharing it on this forum…

This is sooo good, I really hope it is true and not a hoax.

That guy must work at the mall where Mr. and Mrs. Smith shop. What a nutjob!

Seems like a standard troll, but a very funny one. I sincerely hope it’s not true, because if it is, that guy’s on the ragged edge of snapping.

Man, if that guy were on duty, Genghis Khan never would have TOTALLY ravaged Oshman’s Sporting Goods.


Only fellow MMORPGers are going to understand this, but when I read the thread title I thought it was going to be about shoppers who swoop in and grab the item you just picked up…

I thought you were talking about Spree! by Cheapass Games.

Has to be a joke. I can understand having a firearm on premises in case of emergency, but that guy’s gearing up for World War III. MP5K’s and a sniper rifle with a starlight scope? Has to be a joke.

Or, its Tackleberry :eek:

Boards about weapons are NSFW.

NSFW or NSFyourW?

I don’t see this anywhere in the “What Links Are Permitted?” section of the FAQ.

I’m genuinely curious, so I’m going to start an ATMB thread, but I think you’re a bit off-base here.

Then I guess the Dope is NSFW.

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor, this is not your call to make. If you feel a link is NSFW, please report the post and let a Mod handle it. If you meant to simply voice your opinion that the site is NSFW, that’s fine, but your post comes across as being authoritative.

In this particular case, I’m not seeing how it’s not safe for work. Guns and other weapons are a familiar topic on the SDMB, so a link to a weapon-specific forum should be no surprise or present any more problems than any of the weapons-related threads here. (Outside, of course, the linked-to board being decorated with images from porn or other obvious NSFW qualifications.)

Sorry if anyone got in trouble at work. I didn’t have a clue that anyone would consider it NSFW.

I’m sorry–I meant that my work computer blocked that, listing weapons as a reason.

I wasn’t trying to claim the privalages reserved for Mods.

Okay, then. Unfortunately, filters at school and/or work are typically overbroad, and tend to strike sites down first and then, maybe, later ask questions. So, they aren’t usually good guides by which to go; however, feel free to mention that the filters at your workplace are blocking the site, so viewers might want to consider that before clicking on the link. An explanation such as that will help dissuade folks from the idea that you’re making a judgement with the board rules to back you up.

HAHAH! I remember him - I was rather depressed when the guy who played him passed.