The Marvelous Ms. Marvel

My question is: what is her adoration of Captain Marvel based on in this universe? In the comics Cap’s been around for a while and is a veteran hero and Avenger. In the MCU movies she had one movie set in in the 80’s (I think?) and showed up for the two Endgame movies.

Being one of the heroes responsible for beating Thanos isn’t enough of a reason?

That’s true. I more meant like there’s plenty of footage of Iron Man, but Carol Danvers only has second-hand accounts of her heroism. I guess everyone has a favorite.

Yeah, but I’m guessing Kamala wants a specifically female role model, and there’s not a lot of high profile choices there.

Agreed, sadly.

well in the official avengers video game she’s more of an avengers fangirl who ends up being ms marvel because she has the same powers and banner and stark just start calling her that although she did have a poster or two of the original in her clubhouse/hideout

Remember regular people do have somewhat of an idea of what everyone did, there was a couple people in I believe Wandavision talking about how she almost defeated Thanos by herself, and I think someone else brought up that Captain Marvel was the only one who could. There was a memorial for Black Widow at Avengercon, and almost everything she did was behind the scenes, including her death. Apparently the only thing that isn’t well known is the name of the guy who’s entire vocabulary is stating his name.

There are perhaps many things a character has done that hasn’t happened to show up in a movie. I’m sure they can come up with stuff.

I’m a solid ‘meh’ on this one - StarGirl did it better (so far) - and it took so long to get thru the first episode.

That being said - did we get a She-Hulk cameo - looked like one to me.

I really like season 1 of Stargirl. How has it been lately?

Did we? I didn’t catch it. Where was it?

The only thing I saw was a green-skinned woman at AvengerCon, but I took it for a Gamora cosplay.

I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by the first episode. It seemed kinda formulaic to me—overbearing parents, unpopular at school, nerdy obsessiveness, lives in her fantasy-world, then becomes ‘special’. Seems like a YA checklist. But of course, it’s where they’ll take it from here…

I thought Iman nailed the awkwardness of being a 16 year old (I was never a teenage girl, so I can’t speak to that aspect), and the visual style was different enough to keep me interested in it.

I didn’t read Ms Marvel comics, but the girl playing Kamala was endearingly charismatic. She could really shine in this role.

Never thought I would hear Coco Co ri na in a Marvel production.

Very much agree. Wildly charismatic lead performance with the potential to carry the show past some rough spots.

As far as the show itself, this first episode is a little messy for me: overkinetically produced, and with a split personality between a pretty good struggling-teen-dramedy side and a by-the-numbers superhero origin side. We’ll see how it develops, and if it calms down once it has a story to tell.

But Iman Vellani is an amazing casting coup. The whole show is on her shoulders and she’s terrific.

As they are moving thru AvengerCon - there was a GreenSkinned woman that did not look like a typical ‘cosplay’ - looked more ‘real’.

Which means that it was a very accurate adaptation of the comic.

If it looked real, it can’t be She-Hulk.

What I mean by ‘real’ is that it did not look like a typical cosplay costume or makeup.

I vote Gamora cosplay. The hair color and line on the cheekbone are more Gamora than She-Hulk.