The Marvelous Ms. Marvel

The trailer looks fun. Iman Vellani looks like a good fit for the character. If they follow the usual D+ Marvel shows, it will have a great first couple of episodes, some bloat in the middle, and a “huh” ending. I hope they figure that out and stick the landing.

I also find it interesting that for the MCU she went from shapeshifting powers to energy manipulation. I wonder if they will change up that she is Inhuman.

Yeah, I am curious as to the reason for her power change, but perhaps they were concerned it would look silly?

After that series tanked, I expect they’ll give her cosmic powers to tie her in with Carol.

Quite possibly, or they wanted to avoid comparisons with Elasti-Girl (or Mr Fantastic, Plastic-Man, etc).

Seeing as they’re definitely introducing the Fantastic Four at some point, the reason is most likely this.

The Inhuman thing was related to previous Marvel boss Ike Perlmutter (a walking tumor if there ever was one) trying to pump up an alternative super-team to replace the X-Men in multi media ventures because he assumed he’d never get the screen rights back from Fox.

Kevin Feige is distancing himself from Inhumans stuff in a hurry now that he has the steering wheel. Note that the Eternals movie was originally an Inhumans project under Perlmutter and Feige pivoted more or less instantly.

This feels to me like more of the same.

Other than knowing who she is, I know nothing about her powers. Is the stretchy power the only one she had in the original comics?

Is this a fact now? I thought the reason we got the shitty Fantastic 4 movies is because another studio still had the rights.

I don’t understand this. Pivoting from what to what? Is this show not a Feige thing?

I’m surprised they kept the costume looking like it’s from the 1950s. Still looking forward to seeing it.

With Ms Marvel, Feige appears to be continuing his pivot away from anything Inhumans-related (as driven by Perlmutter), including this character’s origin story established in the comics, and toward the cosmic-near-magic tech thing that unifies (most of) the MCU.

Yeah I’m going with a mixture of “Don’t want to upstage Mr. Fantastic when he finally arrives in the MCU” and “Stretchy powers look inherently goofy”

Of course, it’s probably fine for a young character to look goofy but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if MCU Mr. Fantastic also doesn’t stretch and has some other powerset instead.

They did. Then Disney bought them (Fox). They’ve already been announced in the MCU (with no specific date yet).

Thanks! I’m onboard with dropping Inhumans related stuff from all Marvel shows/movies going forward.

I also agree with your opinion of Perlmutter. What a piece of shit he is.

Excellent. Maybe we can actually get a watchable FF4 series/movie now.

It’s hard to keep up with who owns who these days.

Just default to Disney. 90% of the time you’ll be right.

Somewhere between “silly” and “absolute body horror,” I suspect. I’m also wondering if they’re changing her origin to connect her powers to to Captain Marvel’s similar “generic energy” powers.

And possibly more expensive to animate realistically than some glowy energy stuff.

I doubt they’d change that, but they might de-emphasize it (as the comics largely have) in favor of “his real super ability is being one of the world’s greatest geniuses” (particularly since Tony Stark, one of the few who compete in that regard, is dead in the MCU).

They did have Plastic Man on Arrow for a couple of years and the effects were pretty poor. Mostly it came across as flat looking, even when he would blow himself up into a giant ball. I’m not sure what the FX budget was, but I assume it was pretty low because it was a CW show.

I am not enthused by that trailer. Not the crackly lightning parts and not the scribbling over the scenes parts (please tell me that’s just for the trailer). The cuts are too quick to tell practicaly anything about it, but casting looks fine, I guess.

She used to have more, but apparently the powers went off to live with Chuck Cunningham.

I’m surprised she didn’t get them back when Chuck died last year. I hope whoever picked up the shape shifting stuff puts it to better use than Chuck did. From what I understand, he only used it to prank children.

That’d be my guess, basically going for commonality with Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Monica.

I think the first episode was pretty well made.