The Mary Tyler Moore theme - it sounds like Donald Trump singing

Now that I’ve been listening to Trump for who knows how long, I recently heard the MTM theme and thought ‘damn, that sounds like Trump!’. Anybody else?

Doesn’t get more mundane and pointless, but there ya go!

No, because, I don’t think that PDT can carry a tune.

Moore described filming the hat in the air on an NPR interview. They told her to run out into real traffic and throw her hat. In that you tube clip, you can see “The woman who wanted to put me away.” :slight_smile:

The writer and singer of the MTM theme was Sonny Curtis, who, among other things, played with Buddy Holly’s band.

This is Donald Trump singing.:eek:

Little known fact: Trump once auditioned for the Monkees. They thought he was too boring. “Not cool”, they said. They offered him the role of the band’s manager, but in the pilot episode he couldn’t remember his one line (ironically, it was “I’m fired?”), so they never used him.

Being turned down led him on the path toward the White House. Where he can now take his revenge against Don Kirschner, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schnieder, and NBC.

And that’s the rest of the story.

Actually it was the Green Acres theme song.

It that doesn’t bring worldwide respect for the P-OTUS, nothing will.

God help us all.

Yeah, mack, I can kinda see it (hear it?)

It’s what Trump might sound like if he had a surprisingly good singing voice.

Which, like Omar Little, I would assume he does not.

And what kunilou confirmed. Yikes.

Trump’s voice is in the same general range as Sonny Curtis’s. Otherwise, I’m not hearing any similarity.

Did you catch the Nazi salute at the end?

Distracted, looking for the pussy grab.