The master band list

This has the potential to become a gigantic thread. But what I’d like to do is this. Let’s keep this thread around (much like the welcome wagon) as a way of keeping track of the many millions of great band names that threads have spawned.

Now this isn’t meant as a way of sitting around thinking about band names, but picking actual phrases, thread titles or lines that made you say “great band name there”. Just come and pop it into this thread and we’ll have a master list.

My first contributions are from

Crunchy Frog (in the Tacky Art thread)

Taxidermied Bull Frog Band


Yersinia Pestis’ thread:

Lunchbox Fish

fantastic! carry on.

First post in and I’m breaking the rules. Sorry jarbaby.

Someone in #Straightdope once said they wanted to name their band “Jiff and the Choosey Mothers”. I can’t remember who it was, but that has to be one of the best band-names ever. :slight_smile:

Great idea! I hope it flies.

I’d like to say that my user name came from a National Lampoon article about ficticious bands so I hereby nominate … me

The Jackbatties

also from the OP …

Gigantic Thread
The Welcome Wagon
Threads Have Spawned
Come and Pop

Or is that reaching?

Currently playing in GQ is *Guenter Nimtz and his Sensational Superluminal Signal.

I think it was Coldfire who once said that the phrase Fart Vapor Moisture from a post of mine would have made a great band name.

Evil Nazi Groundhogs… what else?

I’ll start off with my All Time Favourite, and add a few more.

Shiny Gay Republican
Coldie and the Nazi Ass Hamsters :smiley:

OK, that’s the only two I remembered, to be honest. Good thread, jar’ems.

Currently in MPSIMS:
Edible Camera
I like it.

Sodomy Ghost

Kingon Fudge Smear.

The Grammar Turds

Attention Whore - many threads.

;D - *pronounced “Semi-Colon Dee


Crap! I screwed that up!

I guess it should either be …

:wink: - “Semi-Colon End Parentheses


:smiley: - “Colon Dee

Well, to recall the band name spawned by this year’s goings-on at Spiffled II -

Flaming Dyno and the Snatch Candy Experience

I managed to snuff a perfectly nice little thread by bringing up *Lucifer’s Racoons *.

The inspiration for part of my sig…
Ferrets on Crack

The all time best band name: “Free Beer”

…and of course the opening act: “Drunk Bitches”
Friday and Saturday
Free Beer
and Drunk Bitches.

I know I’ve mentioned My Secret Lesbian in a post here before.


My lifelong dream has always been to be in a band called Johnny Abortion and the Coat Hangers.

Federal Poop Registry