The McCain Campaign Has Officially Godwinized the Election

From the AP, an e-mail approved by the McCain campaign sent to 75,000 Jewish Americans in Pennsylvania:

A similar one indeed. Does that mean, by internet rules, Obama wins?

No, it just means that McCain’s desperation just turned to abhorrent, repulsive, Holocaust trivializing fearmongering.

No matter if one thinks Obama would be awesome or a disaster as President, the idea that his election would have any significant parallels to the rise of the Third Reich is simply fucking stupid.
That McCain is specifically targeting Jews to try to scare them in such a manner is particularly distasteful.

Dude! Totally noob! Godwin’s just means that someone will eventually mention something Nazi. Doesn’t mean anything in terms of a win/lose determination. Gonna run right over to My Space and post to everybody what a noob you are, but totally!

Oh, yeah, using the Holocaust to smear Obama kinda bites.

And the specifi group that sent it was “Republican Federal Committee of PA - Victory 2008,” NOT the McCain campaign.

This sort of stuff is nasty enough without trying to hold the candidates personally responsible for every loon that takes up their banners.

I suppose you have some support for the bolded part above? The article you linked says: “‘The Republican Party of Pennsylvania did not authorize that e-mail,’ Michael Barley, communications director for the state party, told The Associated Press on Saturday evening.”

The article states “Political consultant Bryan Rudnick was identified as the person responsible for it. . . . ‘I had authorization from party officials’ to send the e-mail, Rudnick said, but he declined to say who had signed off on it.”

So I guess the answer to my question is “no.”

It doesn’t mean he had authorization from party officials just because he says he did.

But it does mean it when the communications director for the campaign says so?

All you have is his word against the party. How do you decide which to believe? I tend to believe the statement against interest. If you’d prefer me to rephrase the OP as “persuasive evidence shows the campaign approved,” I’d be happy to do that.

Richard Parker has the burden of proof to support the statement that the GOP authorized the email. I don’t have the burden to disprove it.

How is Bryan Rudnick’s statement a statement against interest?

So I guess the answer to my question is “no.”

This article has a few more details, although they seem to have missed the campaign’s repudiation of the e-mail.

What’s strange is that someone else’s name was also signed to it, and they haven’t been fired - yet (note the ‘helped draft’ on the article about Rudnick). My guess is that some people signed off on this without really paying attention to it.

While I’m not sure I can trust the reporter is being fair in picking the words to report, this quote from the spokesman seems to fall a little short of what the disgusting nature of the e-mail would support:

I don’t have NYT access, but I’d assume more can be found there as well.

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The guy is a McCain partisan, a former strategist. With the campaign denying they approved it, don’t you think it is in his interest to say he did it without permission? At a minimum, the campaign has much more incentive to lie than he does.

In any case, you can judge the evidence how you choose. This sure looks to me like the McCain campaign had some hand in it. But I’ll happily concede that their involvement isn’t a certainty and await further evidence (if there is any).

For the time being, will you admit how vile this tactic is?

Look, as both and Obama supporter and a Jew, I am as appalled as anyone that an operative from within the Republican party, claiming to be acting on their authority, would disseminate such a vile piece of filth. However, party officials have denounced it, McCain himself has denounced it, the perpetrator has been fired, and a correction is going out to everyone who got the original email. At this point it’s one guy’s word against several who have jumped immediately to repudiate it, and there’s little if anything more that they can do about it. Even if there was a yet-to-be-exposed 2nd person who gave this schmuck approval to send it out, the state party as a whole has taken the appropriate action. What more would anyone have them do?

I just can’t wait for the next 9 days to pass and for this shit to be over.

Yes, I admit that the tactic you used in your OP is vile.

The rest of your post doesn’t make any sense. You seem to be saying that it would have been more in his own interest to make himself look worse, or something.

The denial of authorization is nothing more than a transparent attempt to eat their cake and have it to. They already got the e-mail out there now they fire the dumb schmuck and claim they had nothing to do with it.

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You’re making something of a valid point, kinda… but you’re doing it in just about the most jerkish manner possible Rand.