The me too movement is being expanded into the private sector.

So apparently the me too movement is looking to branch out into the private sector.They have created a fund that will assist average woman working your normal 9 to 5 job. Personally I think this an interesting idea,but wonder if it will be as effective as it has been in Hollywood and if it may have some unintended effects. Check out the video and please give me your opinions.:slight_smile:

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Well, one of my thoughts is that I hang out on a text based message board because I like reading text and hate watching video. So - you wanna give us the Readers Digest version of your thoughts in written format?

Another thought would be that if someone wants to set up an organisation to help people who’ve been sexually assaulted I’m all for it.

Also, that there isn’t really a ‘metoo movement’ that does things. A bunch of people who are against sexual assault do things. Sometimes they talk about them on Twitter. But I’m pretty sure people who are active in being against sexual assault were also against it before October 2017. Apparently, having a hashtag helps if you’re raising awareness about sexual assault. And that’s good. After a bit, people on Twitter will start talking about something different. At which point people working against sexual assault will probably…keep working against sexual assault. Like they’ve always done.

I’m not going to watch your video, but I have to say, the idea that there’s something controversial about opposing sexual assault in the private sector is pretty appalling.

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I’ll leave this open for now if you want to discuss the points that were on the video.

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Didn’t it start in the private sector?

Any man that has ever gone on a date is doomed.

Yeah, since when is the movie business not the private sector?

I thought it had spread widely by now. What aspects exactly are we discussing?

If only there was a video to explain it all…

I’ll go check.

I’ve worked in “the private sector” since 1989, and my employers have been running mandatory training for employees on sexual harassment since the early '90s. So, there’s no news there, as far as (a) yes, there has been (and undoubtedly still is) harassment that goes on, and (b) employers have realized that there’s potential liability if they don’t actively work to discourage harassment.

The film industry stands out as an example of an culture in which it was tolerated for far longer (the “casting couch” was a very real thing), and in which some people at the top of the power structure felt that they had carte blanche to engage in it.