The Median Value Game (please read first post)

You play this game by sending me a private message containing a real number greater than zero.

The winner is the person (or persons) whose number is the median value of all such numbers that I receive.

Please, DO NOT POST ANSWERS in this thread or anywhere public.
Rules and clarifications:

  1. The winning entry is the statistical median (not the average) value of all valid entries. That means I will sort the entries by value and choose the one in the middle as the winning value. All entries equivalent to that value are winners. If there ends up being an even number of entries, the median is the average of the two middle values, in which case both are winning values.

  2. Valid entries are any real, computable numbers greater than zero, with no maximum. You are not restricted to the integers. Fractions, decimals, and even formulas are okay as long as I can tell what your number is and easily sort it among the entries.

  3. Please do not collaborate with others on your guess, as that would be a major advantage. Do not discuss your entry or this game with others until I have announced a winner.

  4. One entry per person, please.

  5. The game will end at my discretion. I want to try to get at least 100 entries, but if interest dies down sooner, I will just end it. On the other hand, as long as entries are steadily flowing in, the game could continue.

  6. I will publish all valid answers on this thread when the game is over. The winner will be declared the smartest person alive.

    If it’s okay with the moderators, I would like you to bump this thread with whatever (but not your answer) at the time that you enter. Also please use this thread for questions about the rules.

Think carefully about your answer, because we can only play this once! (Then the answer will be known!) If the game is a success, I know a couple of twists for future contests.

Good luck!

This should be interesting. Let’s see how it works.

Not the rip-roaring start I wanted, but there’s still time. Thanks for the replies so far! Bump.

The smartest person alive, eh? How could I’d be stupid NOT to play! Message sent…soon anyway.

C’mon, people. Don’t be shy. Send me a guess! You can do it!

…and bump.

Oh, all right.

Sure. I’m game.

I’m in.

Once again, thanks for the entries so far! This game may just work yet…

Please note I am assuming the U.S.-style symbols for digit group separator (comma) and decimal point (period). I apologize that I forgot to clarify this earlier. By all means notify me if your already-submitted guess requires a different interpretation. And, of course, the digit group separator is entirely optional.

Sounds like an interesting game. I’ll give it a shot.

Time to bump. Not time to give up!


3 more entries today. Excellent work!

So… when does this end?

Got a couple more entries today, but it’s definitely not time to end it yet. Things are getting interesting, though! Just hang in there.

Keep sending in answers!


Last call for players! Don’t be shy, give it a try!

Are we there yet?

Easiest game in the world to fix. The OP can decide upon a winner, and then wait until that entrant’s number is the median, and then arbitrarily end the contest. No control mechanism.