Do this math problem in your head.

Do not read any of the replies before you reply yourself with your answer.
Do not edit your reply please.

First take 1000, then add 40 and then add 1000. Now add 30. Next add 1000 and then add 20. Then add 1000 and finally, add 10.
Sorry for the annoying way this OP is set up (with all of the spoiler boxes), but I’m curious over what answer people will get. Again, hit reply and post your answer BEFORE you read any other answers in here.

What is the number you wind up with?



5000. Do I win anything for being first?*****

*****No, because you came third.

And got it wrong!


I’m going to look stupid, aren’t I?

Why, yes I am.

I see how it works now. Ah, well.
Will you believe if I say I’ve actually got quite a high IQ?
Thought not.

Probably…but you’re not the only one. :slight_smile:


This works a lot better if you say it aloud to someone. When I say it aloud to people, hardly anyone gets it right. Maybe one in ten do (if that). Seriously. Try it out to someone sometime and chances are, they’ll say the wrong answer that’s in this topic twice (so far).
However I’ve had this topic on a board before and even then people get it wrong here and there in the replies.




First thought? 5000

But, knowing that my first thought is likely wrong and there is some trickeration going on here, I re-read it.

4090+10 != 5000

4100 is my final answer.


Nope. Not the only one. And I’m even caffeinated. :smack:


** Now looks around sheepishly if he screwed that up **

Knew that must have been a mind trick, but too lazy to go back and re-check my work. Sigh.

  1. Did anybody say 5000? Ah.

I was always good at simple math. Big disappointment when I got stuck halfway through calculus and found I’d never be a mathematician.