the meg

I have read all of steve alten’s meg books, and know a meg movie has been talked about for a long time.

it is finally here, and it is getting great reviews on twitter.

anyone else a meg or alten fan?

I’ve read all of Alten up until the last 3 or 4 years when he turned into a bit of a left-wing spiritualist nutball. I actually won one of his fan contests and I appear in one of his books.

His early stuff was good and fun though, especially the first few Meg novels.

Although I have to say, I don’t believe, for a second, that this movie is garnering a single good review. It looks godawful.

I liked the first two books, but once Alten went around the twist I dropped him.

The trailers make the movie look as though it’s going more Deep Blue Sea than Jaws, so I’m out. At least at the theater, I will watch once it hits Netflix. And I did like DBS, just not enough to pay to see it. Or Meg.

Of course I’m going to see this. It looks horrifically bad, but it has a giant monster. I’m in.

There were books? As in more than one? :eek:

Is this a sequel to the 2004 or 2003 movies?

I read the first Meg book. I think. That’s how much of an impression it made on me. It is really too late to make this movie anyway–most supposed great whites in movies are oversized to pretty near megalodon size range anyway.

Yep. (Looking at the plot summary, that is the book I was thinking of. Seriously pulpy writing.)

Never heard of it before but there’s a giant billboard by my house for it. I admit I was sort of hoping that it was a Family Guy movie.
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The book will never appear on any list of must reads, but then, neither will Benchley’s Jaws. Somehow, I don’t think this book will be getting the Spielberg treatment. To be clear, I was rooting for the shark.

I think it’s safe to root for the shark. From what I can tell, the Meg gets an HEA. I have bought the book and am prepared to actually try it. The next metric is how many beers it requires to be tolerable.

I agree that some of mr alten’s book went far over the line; the meg books have in the last 2 just put a toe or 2 over, so they are mostly adventure. They are great beach reads for the atlantic beaches…

The trailers look like they may have taken bits and bobs from the Meg series, not just one book. I don’t remember a really cute wee lass in any of the books, so I’m figuring on new stuff.

Mostly I’m hoping for just a good, don’t think too much, summer movie. And from what I am seeing on line, it looks like it delivers.

What book were you in sir t-cups? That is so fantastic! Did you get eaten by something?

I was originally supposed to to be in the sequel to Grim Reaper, as part of some elite level of evil masterminds. But that book apparently got cancelled (it was kind of when he started to drop off IMO) so he threw me a bone and put me in Vostok. I’m a newscaster that reports on the monster.

All I remember about the series was apparently at one point the shark got into a water park somehow?

I just read vostok 2 days ago! that was a bit on the woo side, but good.

asuka, one of the meg babies was kept in a lagoon and became an huge money maker. sort of a “sea world” thing, until… in the words of dr. malcolm, “nature finds a way”, and havoc ensues.

I do enjoy the tag line “pleased to eat you”.

Seconded. There was a line in the trailer that I hear in Peter’s voice.

  1. There was an embargo on reviews until 6pm Wed. night.

That’s not good, at all.

  1. The reviews are starting to come in. Currently at Rotten Tomatoes it is 48% with all critics.

That’s not … really all that bad for a movie of this type. Sure it’s not “fresh”, but it’s not as bad as some other turkeys that have been recently released.

While it’s only 22% with top critics, this is the kind of movie where those sort of reviews don’t matter a ton.

I think WB might have erred on the way they have promoted it.

Although I didn’t pay too much attention to the preview, it seemed like “the Meg” was distractingly changing sizes in every shot they showed – swelling up and down in size in comparison to everyone and everything else around it.

From the Telegraph:

I bet it’s a one weekender type of movie. Two at most.

It’ll make all its money in that first weekend, then drop off a cliff, at least in this country. I’ll be curious to see how it does in China…

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