The Mentalist- question about relationships

The Mentalist season opener last night. Wayne and Grace seem to be be back together and living together, even. When did that happen? The last we saw of them, she was married to someone else and the actress was pregnant and her character spent many episodes sitting behind a computer monitor so we couldn’t see that (but the weight gain really showed in her face). So… how did she and Wayne get back together?

I realize I might be the only person still watching this piece of crap show, and thus there may be no answer for me. Why do I still watch it? Force of habit. Jane and Lisbon are two of THE most annoying characters on TV. I guess I’m just a sick puppy.

Rigsby and Van Pelt got back together episode 20 last season, the one called Red Velvet Cupcakes. She was never married to anyone else…she had been engaged, but her fiance was a Red John minion and Van Pelt was forced to kill him a couple seasons back.

and apparently Rigsby’s girlfriend and child have simply disappeared - I’m sure that will be the subject of an upcoming investigation.

Okay. I remember now that she had to kill her fiance.

So this just mysteriously happened with no explanation. I can live with that.

I seem to remember that Rigsby and the mother of his child broke up amicably because they had only stayed together for the baby, and it wasn’t a good enough reason. Also, to clear the decks for Rigsby and Van Pelt to get back together.

I don’t doubt you - but I don’t recall it ever being stated in show - and he was so ‘dedicated’ to the scenario that this seems ‘unlikely’ without it being kinda ‘prevelant’’ for atleast a scene or two.

I’m willing to be wrong - of course - its a natural state for me these days.

Wayne and Grace are back together? I miss so much watching this show. Red John is none of those men, Red John is either Patrick Jane or that nutty psychic woman that Red John kidnapped early on with some deep mental issues. Bertrand is just too damn obvious and not nearly smart enough.

We (the audience) know exactly which one of the 7 is Red John - based on scenes from the end of season 5 and a couple of key scenes this past season.

DHS guy

I suspect that most of this season will be RJ picking off the other 6.

Agreed, I don’t think it’s Bertram, but Bertram does have some inside information. It isn’t Kirkland, since Kirkland studied the information from Jane’s board as if it were new to him, and RJ made the video for Patrick before the info was stolen. Bret Stiles has the resources and the ability to garner fanatical followers, but he has so much flamboyant ego, I don’t think he could keep it quiet if he were Red John. He has some connection with him, however. I’m thinking it’s either the Napa sheriff or Haffner. Haffner has the connection with the Visualize farm, and would be able to get inside info.

I disagree on Kirkland - he studied the board to see how close Jane had gotten as well as to find things to use against Jane.

I’m hoping Jane planned a few surprises in that board for him - he knows that someone connected to RJ ‘raided’ his loft - and the only reason Kirkland would have to do it in the manner he did is if he had something to hide.

(not to mention the aforemented scene in the limo and elsewhere - We see Kirkland kill that other witness that could have named him, etc).

I guess thats one reason it might not be him - that they have made it look like him, and therefore isn’t.

Yes, I agree, I hope Jane planted false info in the board, and it would be like him. I think that Kirkland is a disciple, but not RJ himself. When he killed the witness, didn’t he make a comment on the lines that he hopes someone will do the same for him, if needed? I see that as evidence of his minionhood.

Good point - I just get tired of the minion ploy - I do hope its as ‘satisfying’ as they claim this will be -

From the time RJ tied Jane up the the hotel, we saw that RJ was small, way too small to be Bertrand, who is huge. Bret Stiles is the right size, but he really has no motive to be RJ, but might be involved somehow. RJ needs to be incredibly persuasive, having the super hypnotic skills that one of the early season (caught) villains have. And needs to be able to hide in plain sight. That’s why I keep thinking it is the psychic woman who believes she is the real deal that is in love with Jane and was supposedly kidnapped by RJ and then let go. They will go with some split personality disorder and extreme dissociation so that she doesn’t know she is RJ, but that RJ is really in control. That is how Jane isn’t able to spot her as a liar. Basically, she is possessed. Like the Star Trek episode “Wolf In The Fold” where “Red Jack” was some sort of demon.

The fact that the woman personality is innocent, and RJ a psychopathic sub-personality will be a huge tragedy as RJ is essentially beyond the reach of justice.

the psychic woman is currently in custody, is she not? (otherwise, I like the theory)

No, you’re not the only one watching the show - I love it! I only caught the last 15 minutes last night, but I’ve got the recording set now.

So, Red John as a woman, eh? Interesting.

And she doesn’t know it. It’s why our protagonist is blind to her for so long. Other than being a super-hypnotist (which we don’t know one way or another) she has the complete skill set.

In last night’s show, at one point Wayne was massaging Grace’s shoulders (which wouldn’t in itself be conclusive) but then Lisbon asked her to do something and she told him, “You go on, I’ll see you later at home.”

Grace Van Pelt is something special. If Rigsby won’t give up his career to keep hitting that, he’s an idiot. Not that he isn’t an idiot. Between Rigsby and Cho, Cho is the smart one.

Cho definitely! He’s probably the main reason I keep watching this show. He needs a lot more screen time.

He really does - I adore Cho. I think he has some of the funniest lines on the show, with his absolute no-nonsense attitude and complete deadpan delivery.