The Midnight Squirrel Rescue

My friends Jean & Gina live in a townhouse. Last night at 11 pm they called me because an animal “relocator” service had put four squirrel traps on their neighbor’s roof at the behest of complex management last Friday. I have ladders tall enough to get up there.

It’s been in the low 80’s here in Denver, & those poor squirrels were there since Friday, on a black composition roof, facing south. Not only that, but they were directly above the neighbor’s bedroom…I can’t imagine how they would have smelled in another day! One was dead, one probably didn’t make it till morning (it’s in a box in J & G’s kitchen). The other two we gave water to using a syringe, they scampered off. Each had scraped all the fur off their little heads & had bloody mouths from trying to get out.

Now, I know squirrels can be pests. The reason the complex hired this company was because they advertise as “humanely relocating” wild pests, and accordingly, they don’t come cheap. Rat poison would probably be more humane than leaving them to roast to death.

Gina is on the homeowners’ board, so we’re not worried about pissing off management. I wonder how many “humane” wild pest control companies do this sort of thing?

Grrr. Just had to vent.

Personally, that pisses me off. I like squirrels.

Since your friend is on the board, do you think that she could make sure to have them summarily fired?

I sure hope they never use that company again. I’ll bet they’ll be getting some bad word-of-mouth publicity, too.

That is sickening… those should be checked everyday. Poor squirrels…