We have squatters!

The four-legged kind. It seems a family of squirrels has taken up residence in our mechanical closet, the little room off our balcony where the furnace/AC equipment is. Yeah, we’re going have to evict them so we can have AC this summer.

I cannot tell you how much I feel for you.

I had squirrels take up residence in my attic, and begin to use anything and everything up there for teething/nesting material. I n addition, they made an awful racket at night.

Lost my phone cabling, electrical cabling to two rooms. Lord only knows how close I came to a fire.

The following url has some good information, humane and inhumane ways of getting rid of them (with a heavy bias toward the humane) and it debunks several myths/ineffective ways of getting rid of squirrels (mothballs, loud music, etc.)


I know, it looks like a catalog url, but it’s not, really. It has a lot of good info.

I ended up sealing the openings to the house, and since there were no youngsters inside, they gave up fairly easily.

I got lucky.
Best of luck to you.


My famiy’s old house had pigeons living in the walls. The constant cooing at night made me nucking futs.

We had a squirrel living in the house for a couple of days and we didn’t know it. Then he decided to run around all crazy-like and my tiny little mother was chasing it around with a broom while we kids cowered in a corner. After she chased it out, I lay my 1-year-old nephew to sleep on a pillow in my parent’s room. I went to check on him about an hour later. He was still sleeping peacefully, and I was about to walk away when I saw a furry tail peek out from the edge of the pillow. The squirrel had been hiding under there for who knows how long! I snatched my nephew up and the squirrel shot out again, finally spotted the open window and ran out. Ever since then I’ve regarded squirrels with a little…suspicion.

But back to you. Well, if you can find a 4’11" lady to put the fear o’God in them with a broom, you’ve got a chance. Otherwise…good luck.

And I thought this was going to be about another poop table.

Squirrels are rats with tails. Evict 'em now or pay a heavy price later.