The Millennium Wheel.

I’m not sure if this post belongs here or in Cafe Society. Here is cool for me, so here goes:
I had never heard about attraction until this morning until this morning when I saw it on tv. Wow! It’s been up for ten years. Who says tv is a waste of time.
I’ve always wanted to go to London, and I think this might be one of the top reasons to go.
Anyone ever taken the ride?

Yes, I’ve been on it. It was very enjoyable. On a clear day you get stunning views of London as it rotates very slowly. You need to pick your time as the queues can be quite long.

Yes, in summer 2003. It was worth the price and the wait.

April of 2003, no wait and could have went again right away. Very worth it. Even on a cloudy day it is a fantastic view.

Speaking of price (how crass ;)), what does it cost? Price wouldn’t deter me, but I assume the Eye cost several fortunes to build.

I envy the OP. Obviously he missed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

It depends where and when you buy it, but between £8.75 and £15.75.

That doesn’t sound bad at all!

I IMDBd it. I’m not sure “missed” is the proper term. Maybe “luckily avoided”? :cool:

I rode in it a few years ago. It was fun to do once, but I won’t feel the need to do it again the next time in London.

Yes, “missed” as in “dodged.” As in “dodged a bullet.”

Holy f&cking shit, a movie will have to work really hard to out-stupid that one. Note to filmmakers: Punching a hole in the bottom of the Thames river will not cause the water from upstream to cease flowing.

Been on it three times, and I think it’s a magnificent piece of engineering and a great addition to my city’s many tourist attractions.

Buy tickets online to avoid queueing though.

And half the episodes of Torchwood.

Go for the wine and cheese tasting on the thing… it’s only £300.00

For £300.00 I better get a lot more than just a taste. I’d better get me some bubbles and squeak. :wink:
I saw that on the tube with two crazy old ladies on a cooking show.

I did in in spring of 2003, and it was lots of fun. Not even much of a line. It goes around so slowly (one revolution in 30 minutes) that it doesn’t even stop to let you in or out.

There are some pretty good videos on youtube (of course), including one where the rebellious “Pod 33” goes it’s own way. :smiley:

I went on the London Eye (as it is now called) a year or two ago. It’s an interesting experience for sure, but if I am to be completely honest and objective (well, honestly subjective then), I get far greater enjoyment and value out of my Oyster Card (the smart card system for the London transport system, including underground)

For just a few quid, I can zip about through a network of Victorian tunnels all over the city and pop up more or less anywhere I like and see whatever I want, all day long. For Londoners and citizens of other cities that have underground transport, I realise that might seem underwhemling, and probably makes me sound like a ridiculous yokel, but in all honesty, I do think the tube is the most remarkable and (for me) enjoyable thing about London.

I really agree with you. I dream of of going to Theydon Bois or West Ruislip or Chesham. I’ve promised myself that I will one day. Or going to from one end of the Central Line to the other. It’s dreams like that that makes life worth living.