Anyone been on the London Eye?

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If anyone has visited the London Eye, how did you like or dislike it? Is it worth 10.50 pounds per single rider?

I haven’t, but friends who have tried it have all liked it.

I have been on it, and it ROOLZ, baby. It is worth every penny, in my opinion. The guidebook which tells you what you’re looking at is very good, too.

My main problem with it is that it’s slow. IIRC, a half-hour round-trip (not counting the line to get on, even w/a reservation), which means that once you see all there is to see (the ascent), you’re sorta stuck up there as you slowly work you way back down. There are seats for you to relax on, but you can’t really sit and look out the windows because everybody else (tourists) is blocking them. I was living in England when it opened so it was kinda cool at the time, but I wouldn’t recommend it over all the other things (museums, tours, etc.) that there are to do there to someone just visiting (there are also cheaper views around, too)

I was in London recently and took a ride on the London Eye. Someone bought my ticket for me but I don’t know if I would have shelled out the cash for it myself. We didn’t have the guidebook that explains what you are seeing but someone in our car (pod?) did and I think that would make it more interesting.

If you are interested in high up views of the city and don’t want to spend as much you may try St. Paul’s Cathedral. You have to go up 500+ steps but the view is great. Plus, you get to see a really cool cathedral (don’t miss the crypt!).

I loved it! Take a camera. You’ll get great shots that aren’t do-able from any other London location!

I did the Eye on my last trip to London. It’s a cool thing. Try to go on a nice day, though.

It’s sorta fun. Not that great, and I’m not 100% sure it was worth the wait or the money, but fun nonetheless. I’m not a very visually oriented person though, so YMMV.