The Minigun used in Predator/T2: is it the new Excaliber?

Consider for a moment the M-134 Minigun. A formidable weapon, featured in any number of action movies.

Among which were the movies Predator, and Terminator 2

According to this site, it was not only the same type of gun used in those last two films, but it was the very same unit that was used and fired.

In Predator, Jessie Ventura wielded the minigun. In 1998, he was elected governor of Minnesota.

In T2, Arnold Schwarzenegger wielded the minigun, and he has just been elected governor of California.

This can be no coincidence…the only rational conclusion is that *this minigun is imparting mystic powers to those who use it.

If this trend hold up, I predict that Bill Duke will become the next governor of Hawaii.
Any thoughts?

Makes sense to me. :smiley:

Weird. I was saying something very similar to a coworker yesterday…

According to the site it is for sale now for 300,000. Seems like a pretty cheap way to get elected. :smiley:

It was the same gun. IIRC, it was owned for a time by Mike Dillon. He has one of the largest privately-owned machinegun collections in the US.