The Minnesotan affinity for Marco Rubio

Okay, it’s not an affinity, but Minnesota is the only state Marco Rubio has won so far. How? Why? What do they like about him?

Trump seems to poll the worst in the great plains states and adjacent areas, hence giving more traditional candidates a chance there. Rubio in Minnesosta, Cruz in OK.

It’s less “like Rubio” and much more “can’t stomach Trump” (& not so hot on gratuitous religiosity a la Cruz, either): there were multiple Republican caucus-goers quoted as “anyone but Trump” in the Star Trib this morning. Trump was also the only major candidate from either party who hasn’t spent time (or, frankly, any resources) in the state.

Minnesota had a celebrity governor in Jesse Ventura - it was…a difficult time for many. A celebrity President? Not if Minnesota Republicans have anything to say about it.

Not enough morons here to vote for Trump and not enough bible thumpers here to vote for Cruz. Conservatives here weren’t left with much of a choice. I’m not surprised.
I am surprised however that Bernie did so well. Klobucher, Franken, and Dayton are pretty popular here and I thought they were all in with Clinton.

Why not Kasich then? He’s Midwestern, to boot.

Isn’t that Kasich’s campaign slogan?

But Rubio has more money and organization, which presumably helps him in a caucus state. Kasich doesn’t seem to have the resouces to do more than focus on one state at a time.

Minnesota gives solace to lovers who will never win anything else, like Marco Rubio and Walter Mondale.

Seriously, it might be that the name Rubio helped him here.

TYPO ALERT: I meant LOSER, NOT LOVER in my previous comment.

Please don’t flatter yourselves, the win will do diddly squat for Rubio as it did for Mondale in 1984.

My guess (as someone who lives here), Minnesota Republicans have more “dedication to the party” - they don’t like Trump, the Republican party has finally picked their anointed one, who can put Trump out of their misery and stand a chance against the Democrats, its their job to go caucus for him - its time to get serious and coalesce around a candidate and stop being distracted by guys like Kasich and Carson before they eat their young.