The MLA guide to suicide notes.

If you follow the above guidelines, you should have no problem succeding in death where you failed in life. Good luck.

That’s awful.

I love it.

That was great.

Do we need to know how you came across that?

A bit tasteless, and not even that funny.

That’s not funny at all.

If you like really dark humour, try

I was surprised. In Canada, an MLA is the equivalent of a (I think) Congressman.

Nobody wants to see dead politicians, right? RIGHT?

Actually no. An MP (member of Parliament) is the equivalent of a congressman, and an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly [in Quebec MNA {Member of the National Assembly} and Ontario an MPP {Member of the Provincial Parliament}]) is, I think, equivalent to an elected member of a state government… of course, some (or most… who knows) US states are bicameral, and we have no equivalent of a state senator…

look, there’s some lovely nits over here, let’s harvest one!

As to not wanting to see dead politicians… well, I used to think randomly shooting one now and then might keep the rest in line, but my thinking has matured, now I believe that they should be randomly wounded (although hopefully a wound that is both painful and embarrassing…) might do the job:D

Best style guide. Ever.

I like the part where the style guide advises, “You may sign your note, or simply make a vauge reference to yourself.”

Vauge? Tsk, tsk …

Wha? Eye of the beholder, I guess.


I didn’t find it amusing in the least.

I might normally find it at least mildly amusing (very) dark humor, but a friend’s wife killed herself last week. Right now, it’s just kind of… dumb.

“To whom it may concern”


MLA - Modern Language Association
Description: A not-for-profit membership organization that promotes the study and teaching of language and literature.

Makes more sense that way.

Oh yes, I agree. Yet I still thought it worth posting.

If you don’t mind my asking, why and how did she kill herself?

hmm, I recommend using the past tense exclusively when composing suicide notes. Presumably they will only be read after the fact, no?

I’d give their recommendations more weight if they didn’t have two stylistic errors and one obvious typo in the very first paragraph. :wink:

Um, with all due respect to some of y’all, shouldn’t it be fairly obvious that a thread titled “The MLA guide to suicide notes” is going to contain suicide-related humor? If you aren’t amused by that sort of thing, why open the thread in the first place?

Me, I’ve bookmarked the link in case my dissertation proves more despair-inducing than anticipated.