The mods...

Are a very easily pissed off bunch of people.
I still hate the fact that they have the technological ability to have the last word. ( am an analy-retentive person who can always find fault with a mod’s last word)

But I appreciate the (wageless) work they do. And love them deep down - despite any temporary annoyance about their power over me - a ‘member’.

I am annoyed. But that is temporaty. What is permanent is my appreciation,

I missed an ‘I’ in that.

And I spelled ‘temporary’ incorrectly.

I have been drinking - sue me.

…must refrain from goading drunk poster on into further bouts of anti-mod activity…

Don’t worry … you’ll hate us when you sober up.


In all seriousness, the mods here are pretty damn good. At the other board I frequent, there are no tastefullness standards, making it unsafe for work, but at the same time, the mods will delete posts, ban members, and edit things with no restraint at all. be grateful for the good work they do here.

Probably this. He got the answer to what song was in a particular trailer, and announced he was off to download it; Manhattan chewed him out.

Manhattan told me to “shut up” which would warrant a punch in a certain face if mine and manhattan’s physicallity were in roughly the same locality in space.

Weither I would execute that punch is dependent on my level of audaciousness, which at the moment is quite low.

I like the mods okay.

*Reporter: Are you a mod or a rocker?

Ringo: I’m a mocker.*

“What’s the name of that green, leafy, psychotropic, smokable drug? You know the one?”

“That would be marijuana.”

“Great, thanks! I’m off to buy some now!”


<< Manhattan told me to “shut up” which would warrant a punch in a certain face if mine and manhattan’s physicallity were in roughly the same locality in space. >>

Our Manny is 6’ 5" high, weighs 250 lbs and it’s all muscles. He eats railroad spikes for breakfast, and he can bench press 1500 lbs. He also knows judo and karate, and is often hired by demolition crews taking down buildings, when their wrecking ball isn’t available. You don’t wanna mess with Manhattan.

[Bill Brasky]
Manhattan made sweet love to my wife and gave me three beautiful children!
[/Bill Brasky]

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,
You don’t spit into the wind,
You don’t pull
the mask
off the ole’ Lone Ranger,
and you don’t mess with Manhattan.
Doh doh-dee-oh dwee dah ‘n’ dah dah dah…”

[sub]With apologies to, well, everyone, actually.[/sub]

I see how Manny got his post count up so high. See how he padded that post in the end?


[Butthead Voice]

You said Member

[/Butthead Voice]

[Beavis Voice]

Yaaa Member

[/Beavis Voice]

Where would we be without the Mods?

Waste deep in Sock Puppets and screaming for Wildest Bill to shut up.
Thus, I like them.

But, I mean…not to disrupt the mellow tone of this thread, and not to argue with a mod’s actions…
Couldn’t Lobsang be going off to download a song, to make certain that’s the one, and that he likes it, and then delete it in 24 hours and then go off to buy the album? Technically, this would be okay, wouldn’t it?

This is just something to ponder. Responses aren’t really necessary :slight_smile:


Well… I’ve always thought Eutychus deserves to go down in history for being the one of the few people ever to have had an entire thread hijacked and devoted to people making up songs about him.

What? I need to link to that?

Couldn’t I steal a car, drive it around a while (then park it at the mall), then buy one if I like it.