The Monkees/Beatles Rip-Off Game!

The rules of this game are simple. Try to match a Monkees song with the Beatles song it was most likely, ahem, “inspired by”. The songs don’t necessarily sound alike, but the lyrics are based on the same theme. So for instance:

“Pleasant Valley Sunday” = “Penny Lane”
“Shades of Gray” = “Yesterday”

“Hey Hey We’re the Monkees” = “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

I refuse to participate in any game that could possibly cast a poor image on the originality and creativity of my beloved Monkees…


“I’m A Believer”–“I Saw Her Standing There”

oh my god!! You think the Monkees are beloved too?! Monster, hook me up. I love the Monkees!!! :slight_smile: (You guys make think me strange, but I love them.)

And I’m a CO. I conscientously object to this game on the basis that it is cruel and unusual to one of my fave bands.

It’s more fun to play this game with the songs of the Rutles.

Ouch! = Help!
Doubleback Alley = Penny Lane



Yes, Zoggie. There are a couple of us Monkees fans here. Persephone, for one. I believe Peta Tzunami is also. What do you want me to hook you up with? I’ve got some albums, a hand puppet, a few books, a thermos, a concert poster (replication) and CD’s. Let me know what you want!! :slight_smile:


I like the Monkees.

I just um, REALLY like the Beatles.

Jesus and I only have one greatest hits CD…I would LOVE a Monkees video. Like, a video with episodes from the TV show. They used to show them on FOX, weekdays at 2 or 2:30, but now they don’t. Now the closest I can come to watching the Monkees is waiting until Daydream Believers comes on Vh1. (That guy doesn’t even look like Davy!) Uh…maybe we should get a separate thread for this?

What she said. I’ve never liked the Monkees like I like the Beatles. The Monkees are decent, but nothing compares to the original (the Beatles).

There are 13-or-so volumes out now. They should be available at any decent mall video store, too.

Speaking of Monkees, I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re supposed to be touring again this summer. Oh, I hope so. I missed them in the 80s and in the 90s (before that, I wasn’t really able to go), and I REALLY want to see them this time around. sigh To see Peter Tork on the stage… sigh Of course, if I could find my way to a Shoe Suede Blues concert, that would be almost (though not quite) as good.

TruePisces, a proud Monkees fan for 15 years.

OK now that this thread is meandering…
I didn’t get to this concert, but my wife did, her brother was a DJ and got passes. Back in the late 60’s the Monkees tour came through Jacksonville. The openning act was …
Jimi Hendrix

Talk about a clash of cultures! Wonder what the teeny-bopper target audience of the Monkees thought about this black guy setting his guitar on fire?

From what I remember, with all the intensive Monkees reading I’ve done over the years, they booed him continually off the stage, screaming “We want the Monkees! We want the Monkees!” Finally, Hendrix had enough and flipped off the crowd, left the stage, and that was the end of his tour with the Monkees. Also, IIRC, Mickey was the one who saw Hendrix, thought “Man, this guy is IT” and asked him to open for the band.

A little Monkees history for those who didn’t know…


I stand proud with you, my fellow Monkee lovers!

(well, only because I didn’t really have a choice…monster called me out :D)

monster, you’ve got a Monkees hand puppet? Oooooooh. I don’t have any memorabilia. The Monkees were actually just a teensy bit before my time, so I missed them on the first go round. I didn’t become familiar with them until they got in to syndication.

And phil, thanks for enabling us Monkee lovers. :smiley:

I, also, am a Monkees fan. And a Beatles fan. Zoggie, I highly recommend you check out the Monkees’ feature-length film, Head . For my money, it’s right up there with A Hard Day’s Night . And if you want to see them really getting out there, check out 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee , atheir last TV special. Trust me, you don’t even need the psychadelic drugs for this one. Better than Magical Mystery Tour , at any rate. Both are also available from the good folks at Rhino.
Oh, and in keeping with the OP:
“I Wanna Be Free” = “Money” (when John screams “oh yeah I wanna be free”; not on the original Barrett Strong version) or “I Wanna Be Your Man”.
Also, “Words” = “The Word”.

TruePisces they are doing a tour…but only 15 cities. Peter and Davy have rescheduled/canceled most of their Jan/Feb concerts and there is word that one concert will be at gulfstream park in Fla. check here for info and the monkee alert newsletter ( is a great source of info (no chat though).

Yeah, Monkees Alert is where I got my info from… just couldn’t remember the number of concerts, etc. I’m HOPING that they manage to get one somewhere in FL, close enough for me to go to. I’d be willing to drive to Gulfstream Park for it… Uh-huh, sure will!

Now if I could just find a way to coerse Shoe Suede Blues to come down here to play a concert…

walks away thoughtfully


I live in Athens GA most of the time (UGA) and if they dont come any closer I WILL be driving myself down to Fla, classes or not, car or not. I went to one concert and only knew a few songs because I had just goten into them right before they came. There is NO WAY I will miss this :smiley: maybe I’ll see you there :wink:

You guys are ruining the game!

I see some similarities.

Porpoise Song= Blue Jay Way

mmmmm yes. I really like both of those songs.

Daddy’s Song= Honey Pie