The monologue from the play "The Boys Next Door"

Does anyone know where on the internet i can find it? Or just the whole script would be fine too. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
I would be very thankful if you could find it for me.

What the…?! The title should read The Monologue from the play “The Boys Next Door”. I have no idea what went wrong. Hrm…

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“What went wrong” is that vB does not like quotation marks in thread titles. (I think you can get them in by entering them doubled, thus: ““The Boys Next Door””).
However I don’t tend to put quotes in titles, so I may be mistaken.

As for the monologue, I could not find one on-line. You can probably find Griffin’s play at the local library or bookstore.
Amazon has it for $5.95 and a “ship with 24 hours” claim.