The Moon is Eclipsing! The Moon is Eclipsing!

This morning the moon was huge, full and silver. A lovely sight.

Just now it is orange and the cusps are facing up. An eclipse + a “super moon,” + a blue moon. Way cool. This sort of thing fascinates me.

I managed to collect a little crowd of people around me asking me what it was.

Shockingly we had thick overcast this morning here in Seattle. It was clear last night so I had some hope, but it was dashed.

Totality ended an hour ago here near San Francisco.

Times, San Francisco CA:

  • 0251:13 — penumbral lunar eclipse begins
  • 0348:27 — partial lunar eclipse begins
  • 0451:47 — Total Lunar Eclipse begins; 0451-0607
  • 0529:51 — maximum, Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 0607:51 — Total Lunar Eclipse ends
  • 0711:11 — partial lunar eclipse ends
  • 0717:59 — moonset
  • penumbral lunar eclipse ends — moon below horizon

I thought about going to my local college astronomy club, but I worked until late last night — 2300.

How was it? I haven’t searched for images yet.

BTW did you see the TSE last August? Amazing!

My wife and I went out a little before sunrise and saw it. It was clear overhead, but a little hazy around the moon, but we still got a good look.

Blue moon is the second full moon in the same month, right? And what’s with all the super moons lately? Seems like every few months it’s another super moon. (When they’re all super moons, none of them are super.)

Yes, blue moon is second full moon in a month.

Super moon is when moon is closest to the earth. They make a big deal about it in the media, but I don’t think your eyeball can tell. Right?

Blood moon is a red moon caused by a lunar eclipse and the sunlight refracting around the earthks atmosphere onto the moon, making the moon appear red.

I think I got that right but please check me.

Bah. I texted 3 people last night to look for it this morning. Was Unusually overcast so we got nothing.

Got to see it this morning, but it was too low by the time I got outside w/ the camera.


Pretty cool W of Chicago. In progress and clearly visible when I came downstairs at 6:10.

Brought binos and wife came with as I took the dog for a walk. Some clouds were building low to the west along the horizon.

Was reaching totality as I drove to work - sat in my car in the parking lot and watched it reach totality around 6:50.

Then it totally disappeared. Couldn’t see it reappear from the office windows. Not sure if the clouds obscured it, if it was too low, or if the rising sun made it too light.

I didn’t go out last night because of the super / blue / blood moon. Because if you want werewolves, that’s how you get werewolves.

Great view here in LA. I’d call it a “pumpkin” moon, since it was more orange than red.

I fail to see the significance of “blue moon” for an astronomical event. It’s simply a quirk of our calendar, not anything physical, unlike the perigee or the eclipse. Why not call it an “Odin’s Eye” moon, since it takes place on a Wednesday?

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No, during a lunar eclipse the Earth is eclipsing the Moon. The Moon is being eclipsed by the Earth. It’s during a solar eclipse that the moon is eclipsing the sun (and the sun is being eclipsed by the moon).

And their hair is dyed PURPLE!

I knew there was a lunar eclipse coming, so when I glanced out the window at 6:30 AM this morning and saw the sky was clear with “half” of a moon visible, I realized the eclipse was underway. I put on my parka and gloves and stood outside for about 20 minutes as it entered totality. It was quite pretty. I was surprised that the final white sliver of the moon disappeared and reappeared; it might have been a passing wispy cloud.

Glad I caught it, since I usually try to see eclipses when I can. One AP or NASA reporter said they were surprised at the number of people (in California) who were out looking at it, and said the interest was due to the 2017 total solar eclipse (that was the second total solar eclipse I’ve seen).

This eclipse happened to occur while Mt Mayon, the most active volcano in the Philippines, is erupting. So volcano watchers got to see something like this:

Here’s the volcano during last night’s almost-full moon:

These are a couple of pictures I took on the way to work this morning:

The sky was actually a lot darker, don’t know why these turned out so bright.

Tagged to report to local police for improper cellphone use while driving! :wink:

Nope, I totally stopped and got out. You can tell because of the lack of dirty windowglass overlay on the pictures. :slight_smile:

At any rate, everything under the sun is in tune.

A few of mine from this morning:


Tell it to the judge, sister!

Great photos! I missed it.