The Morning After the Gardening Accident (Includes Hurty Photo)

50lb decorative garden boulder + said boulder dropped on barefoot = YOWCH!


That looks seriously painful. Here’s to rapid healing.

Owie! Time to rest your foot when you’re out dancing.

How does the boulder look?

Let’s just say that damn ol’ rock knows who is in charge now!

Pretty cool!

Ouch. Shouldn’t have looked, but couldn’t not.

Will you be replacing your neighbour’s window through which you punted the rock, or will you pretend it wasn’t you?

Seeking opinions?

Go see a doctor and then get a pedicure.

OUCH - that damned Isaac Newton! If he hadn’t invented gravity, that wouldn’t have happened.

If there are no witnesses, then she didn’t do it.

… it’s the rock, isn’t it?

The question is, Jennshark, when it landed did you grab your injured foot and dance around on your good foot whilst birdies and stars circled your head?