The Morning News Is Extremely Annoying!

Apart from the chopped-up fashion in the way the news is presented (a short headline, then they turn back to it 5-10 minutes later), and the weather (another tease, with the week’s forecast later), the main thing is the painful level of the audio-they blast the theme music at you at a volume just below the threshold of pain (and I am mature-it sounds terribly loud to me). The theme music barrage comes every time the break for commercials (which is about every 3-6 minutes).
In short, painful to my ears, all chopped up, and annoying. Have they done some kind of market research that tells them that this is what people like?
All of the networks follow the same format (FOX is a little less noisy).
I guess i’ll just have to hit the mute button everytime the music comes on!:mad:

Don’t know about the music but the choppy fashion is so those getting ready to head out to work for the day can get the major headlines, weather for the day and traffic alerts in the 10 minutes it takes to eat breakfast. So they repeat the major headlines, weather for the day and traffic alerts every 10 minutes.

I can’t watch it. I wish I could, because I wouldn’t mind getting some news in the morning. But, holey crap, they have bands playing in the street, groupies banging on the windows, cooking tips and maybe a headline or two.

I agree, but I think the format for the early morning broadcasts is created for an early riser to hear the pertinent stuff and switch it off to run out the door. After having NBC on for fifteen minutes,they will re loop and that means it time for me to start walking dogs

I gave up on watching the Today Show. The second hour (8:00 AM here) starts off so slow - I usually start watching about 7:50 for local weather and news, but that takes all of 15 seconds of screen time, then it’s a total of ten minutes of commercials and “here’s what’s coming up next!” glurge. Then when NBC takes over it’s about 90 seconds of real news then talky-talky about the latest band they persuaded to be awake so early to play in front of screaming people with annoying signs.

I’ve switched to our local Fox station (not Fox News egad!) They do a good two-minute weather report, local traffic, and five minutes of news. A longer range forecast, a little sports and then I can turn it off and head to work. In about 10 minutes I get everything I need; I’d have to watch the Today Show for 45 minutes to get that much information.