The most bizarre thing I've ever seen on TV

Ok, I’m watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel, and the host is spending a few hours removing semen from stud horses.

This, in itself, isn’t bizarre.

Here’s how it works: They bring a prancing, wild-eyed stud into a small room that contains what looks like a pommel horse. The onsite doctor straps a bike helmet (literally) onto the host’s head, and hands him this giant artificial vagina. The stud is led to the pommel horse, which he promptly mounts and begins humping.

The host must then move underneath the excited 1,200 pound animal, push the giant artificial vagina over the stud’s penis, and then hold it there until the horse ejaculates. Fortunately, it didn’t take long.

How would you like to have THAT job?

The bizarre part, though, is that the network felt compelled to ***blur our view of the horse’s penis for the entire procedure. ***


Do they think it’s offensive? Do they consider it to be “nudity”?

They didn’t feel the need to blur the mare’s vulva during the insemination procedure; what’s up with that? It’s perfectly acceptable for mares to run around naked and exposed but the studs’ privacy must be protected at all times? It’s horse gender discrimination!! :smiley:

They did the same thing with pigs. Sorta ticked me off because I’ve never seen a pig’s weiner before. Ok, that makes me sound like a weirdo… but I’ve heard about the male pig’s “corkscrew” penis and I wanted to find out if it was true.

But they actually showed a female being inseminated.

Even barnyard porn is geared toward men. :smiley:

Maybe the horse just had a blurry cock.

Don’t we all, sometimes.

I’ve given up trying to understand TV censorship.

I was flipping through channels earlier and stumbled across a couple minutes of “The Birdcage.” It was a scene where Robin Williams is riffing about chickens in Guatemala. The original joke is something like “women are said to be worth their weight in hens, and a man is judged by the size of his cock.” They overdubbed the word “cock,” replacing it with the word “chicken.” Completely killed the joke. What’s goofy is that while editing out the double entendre “cock” here the same station routinely leaves the word “prick,” referring explicitly to a penis, uncensored.

So what happens when they do a documentary on geoduck clams?

I got halfway through the OP thinking “Wait a minute … they can’t show a stallion’s giant penis on the Discovery channel … oh, they didn’t.”

Not that I can explain the reasons, but I don’t think they’d ever show an erect mammal penis regardless of species. In the case of a horse, though, I think the execs feel the sight threatens their masculinity.

You know what the weird thing, is? I’ve seen human nudity on Discovery and TLC before. (Well, when TLC was “The Learning Channel,” anyway) I’m not talking about documentaries about Borneo, either—they were documentaries on human sexuality. :eek: :cool:

I tell ya, when I conquer the planet, Desmond Morris gets his own city-state, at the very least.

I recall there being an item about horse-semen collecting on a UK children’s programme called “Magpie” during the 1970s. It went out at about 5 in the afternoon. The person entrusted with the job was the fairly glamorous Jenny Hanley (seen here with the other presenters Douglas Rae and Mick Robertson). The process was shown in fairly graphic detail, although I don’t remember whether she actually said “semen” or “artificial vagina”. No doubt life was never the same for many a 13-year old boy after that.

I saw a British TV show where the host travelled to different countries and had to do five unusual things that were specific to the country he was in. He collected bull semen and inseminated a cow in Holland. I don’t remember anything being blurred out. And it was only the second most disgusting thing on that episode.

Hey, don’t be picking on my college mascot, now.

Heh. I pointed this out to SpouseO, too, while watching that show. Can’t show horse cock? Why the hell not? The best part is that, up here in my neck of the woods, Dirty Jobs was followed by that “Going Native” show (I forget the exact name) which had a disclaimer right up front: “Viewer discretion is advised as this show may contain nudity.” Hysterical.

Hey, don’t say “fairly glamorous” then put a dead link up!!!

Cheez, make me do my own google search, the nerve of some people…

Glad to see someone else posted on this, as I remember thinking the exact same thing during the show as the OP.

I’d suspect the size has a lot to do with it. There was this chihuahua on Animal Planet last night showing his goods to the world and no one seemed to mind :wink:

On Myth Busters, they did a segment about peeing on the third rail. They made a gel dummy, and ran a small rubber hose to simulate the urethra, allowing for a normally-sized widdle. After getting no results, they then switched to a garden hose, IIRC. And they blurred both tubes out!

American TV censorship is some of the most fucked-up shit i’ve ever seen. It’s the laughing stock of everyone who’s ever watched TV in another western democratic country.

Why do they do that? “May” contain nudity? Hasn’t anyone watched it?

No they didn’t.

That would be Travel Sick - great show!

Let us not forget our origins…

“Going Tribal”? Yeah, I’ve seen it. Cocks a floppin, everywhichwere.

But they blurred the rubber hose on “Mythbusters”.

Fucking stupidity.