The most fascinating Senate race in the country

Isn’t even between a Republican and a Democrat. It will likely be between a Democrat and a Democrat. It’s California, where Kamala Harris and Linda Sanchez appear poised to finish 1-2 and go to a runoff.

Harris seems to be the favored candidate among progressives, but I think that Sanchez is probably going to be the one to win. There are more Latinos than African-Americans in California, so strictly on racial politics Sanchez has a huge advantage. Secondly, Sanchez is obviously the most conservative candidate, which means that Republican support should be almost monolithic in favor of her in the runoff.


Harris is far better known statewide, since she has already won statewide races for attorney general.

Sanchez is a fruitcake.

That may not be as big a factor as you think. :wink:

It’s Linda’s sister Loretta Sanchez who is running for the Senate, who incidentally has represented my district. Also it should be noted Kamela Harris has the strong support of most of the Democratic Party machinery in California which inclines me to vote for her even though there may be a case to be made for Southern California’s interests being better represented by Sanchez. On the other hand, it has been speculated that Sanchez will be appointed to a position in the Clinton cabinet so she should do us proud either way.

Ah yes, Loretta. I keep on confusing the two. Yes, the party does seem to want Kamala Harris, and she did win statewide, which Sanchez has never done, but will the 37% of California that is Latino miss the chance to elect their first Senator from California? Once it comes down to Harris vs. Sanchez I just don’t see how Harris overcomes demographics+ ideology. Sanchez is a Blue Dog and says what right-wingers like to hear about terrorism. Sure, there aren’t a ton of Republicans in California, but add that to what should be a heavy Hispanic preference for her and it’s hard to see her not being the next Senator from California.

Sanchez said she wants to represent Latinos, she hasn’t said anything about representing anybody else in Southern California.

Any specific examples?

Other than that, I mean.

I like them both and relish the opportunity to choose, for once, the better of two good choices, something the political system all too rarely affords.

This is what the primary system is for.

The first two cites are OK, but the third is to a site for self-published news.

Doesn’t make the information untrue.