The Most Lamentable and Excellent Text Adventure of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

A friend sent me this link:

Hamlet (with a couple of other Shakespeare characters thrown in), old-school text adventure style! Sweet! I’m 58% of the way through right now. Pretty cool. Had to share. And I suppose this would be a good place to swap hints and help, preferably in spoiler boxes.

So I’m trying to find an eye of newt. Anyone?

Newts in “Hamlet”? Anyway, that sounds fun - a nice old-fshoined text-based game is probably about as much as CelynComputer could hadle.

Re. the eye of newt - it’s possible that the Mayor of London might be able to help you there.

Make of that what you will.

Okay, I’m up to 77% now. I found the eye of newt but am unable to get it from the person who has it. ::grumble::

Don’t tell me I’m the only one fascinated by this?

I’ve been playing it to, though i’m only 48% through and stuck, maybe you can help me out, I just killed ophellia and talked to her brother, but I cant figure out what to do next.

I just finished it (Yay!). ::happy dance:: what items do you have and approximately what have you done so far? (you might want to spoiler-box it but I dunno if anyone would care…)

I just got back from england with the dagger and book, and have the salt and bat wings for the poison, I stabbed the lord chamberlain and accidently killed ophelia, so now her brother is milling about the graveyard, I cant figure out how to get to the prison or the special room in the inn.

Well for one, you don’t really need to carry around the book, and you can give the salt and bat (and the skull, did you get the skull?) to the witch at anytime (you can only carry a limited number of items, so this is important). so here are a few hints that may take you a bit further…

If you talked to Macbeth, he might have said something about theatre people hating him, and you’ll notice if you ask anyone about Macbeth, they usually tell you to shut up. Do a Google search on Shakespeare Theatre Superstitions, the first hit should give you a hint… And look carefully at the flute you found in Gertrude’s room.

That should help you get somewhere in Macbeth’s tower, which you need to do, but that won’t do you a whole lot of good unless…

Nell says the back room is for paying customers only… you don’t have any money. Where can you find money? Dig with the shovel on the beach east of the harbour.

That should help you along a bit… if you get stuck again, let me know. :slight_smile:

My favorite part so far.

“kill claudius”

Just as I am pulling my punch, Gertrude storms into the room.
“Hamlet!” she snaps. “How many times have I told you NOT to murder your relatives! I know it’s difficult for a Shakespearian lead, but…”
I grudgingly apologise to both of them. Gertrude leaves, mollified.