The most "outs" possible to win in Hold 'Em on the river

But it’s not the lowest possible card combination with those cards that wins the hand, which is what I thought was the question.

Let’s just agree that the puzzle could have been stated more clearly. How about “what is the lowest-ranked hand that can be the nuts after the communal cards have been revealed?”

Otto, do you understand what “nuts” means? It means the best possible hand, not just something that happens to beat to other player.

Look, you’re the one who closed out your post by admitting that you wrote the question poorly. I misunderstood it, I gave an answer to the question as I did understand it, and am now moving on with my life in hopes of one day dealing with the shame of, you know, misunderstanding a meaningless trivia question on a message board. Sorry to have distressed you with my error.

Can’t you see this poker guessing game is tearing us apart?!?!

What is the highest hand that can be the lowest nuts of with the longest odds before the flop but still ahead before the flop, while at the same time the turn is revealed to reverse the odds and then the river trumps the fourth street with a lowball hi/lo hand that would still win in Omaha but would only win half the time in razz?

Ten high.

Player A: T8o
Player B: 98o

Communal: 2 3 4 5 7, rainbowed

Yeti, Yeti, Yeti…the nuts in that case would be hole cards of 68 with a straight.

Oops, I misunderstood THAT question!

Certainly if I write this out the wuestion in Math it will clear everything up:

Let C = set of all five card combinations (i.e. all the possible community card combos)

Define K(c) as the function which defines all the possible seven card combinations from the given five card cobination c in C

Let k[sub]c,max[/sub] be defined as the maximjum valued hand in the set K(c). If not unique pick any one of them (we are assuming that higher ranked hands are given higher values). Let K[sub]C[/sub] be the set of all these k[sub]c,max[/sub] values over all the c in C.

Then the question asks what c solves Max K[sub]C[/sub].

I apologize but it has been solong since I have done this stuff I fear my definitions are a bit…crude.

But that should really clear everything up. :smiley:

As clear as “wuestion”, “maximjum”, and “solong”.


Those are perfectly cromulent words.

You forgaught “cobination”.

Guilty. I was concentrating much more on the coding.

I can take it…out on you guys on Thursday. Much as I have done the last couple of times.

Oh, like me and Yeti have anything left to lose…

AJo. Trust me.