The most that you would pay for a box of fireworks?

I was at Sparky’s earlier today and noticed some of their boxed fireworks assortments. Some of them could–standing 4 or so feet tall–at a glance be mistaken for a small vending machines and had prices of $800, $1000, $1300, up to $1500 (you can order some of the assortments online.) The employee in the section said that a surprising number of people buy the massive kits, sometimes even paying in cash. I couldn’t imagine sinking that kind of money on a box of fireworks, especially when I could walk 50 or so feet away and sensibly sink that kind of money in 4 or 5 large shark’s teeth.

I have to confess, of all the things that I could spend that amount on both fireworks and shark’s teeth are in the bottom 5. Having said that, they could form the basis of a fun weekend.

ive seen boxes that big at the 4th of july stands here and when I asked the guy helping people about said it was mostly civic clubs like the elks moose masons ect and things like block parties… and 80 percent of it is just more of whats in the 50 dollar box ……. the other 20 is 3 or 4 huge fountains
Now for individuals or families there was a 3 ft high tube fountain that he recommended that was about as round as a flashlight that went for 125 (that particular stand had them marked down to 85)… he said he lit one at 8 pm and it didn’t stop until about 12:30 and some of the people who bought them claimed they lasted longer than that

[michael corleone] You can have my answer now. Nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.[/micheal corleone]

I hate fireworks with a passion.