The Most Wanted Gun In America

The Most Wanted Gun In America

Ironically, the interests calling for the ban of such firearms are the ones that have been driving sales.

It helps show how twisted gun owners are. “Someone committed a massacre? I want a gun like his!” It’s like someone watching a documentary on World War II and then going out and getting a Hitler mustache.

If gun owners were truly that blood-thirsty, there would be hundreds of massacres every day.

Your perception is completely off-base.

Every one available is being sold at premium prices, and just try finding ammo.

My deer hunting rifle was a gift from my wife. It’s a Ruger model 77 bolt action four shot rifle. I don’t know why but she got one in 7.62 by 39mm, you know, what an AK47 shoots. Since the media noise about a potential assault weapons ban do you think there is any ammo to be found?

My Cabelas order has been on back order for 2 months now, they keep moving the date. I did find some at a local gun dealer yesterday.

I am beginning to think that the current administration is starting to moderate it’s rhetoric in response to the insatiable demand for guns and ammo. Hence the recent picture of President Obama skeet shooting and the comment from Vice President Biden that

It is beginning to dawn on them that their political theater is only increasing sales.

You have to admit it’s curious that a proposed general ban on many weapons results, specifically, in a huge rush on the AR-15 Gradeschooler.

But isn’t that a normal human tendency? Announce something will be banned or in short supply and there’s a rush to buy what’s left.

There’s nothing at all curious about it. If something will be unavailable, sales will increase. Heck, we saw it with Twinkies.


Or how about, “Fuck, I guess I shouldn’t have put off buying one of those - better get one now before I can’t buy any at all.”

Catchy name. The marketing approach seems to be working.

It has resulted in a huge rush on all kinds of weapons, not the AR-15 specifically.

But, the proposed general ban is on “assault weapons”, and the AR-15 is the most popular gun in that category, such as it is. So, it is hardly surprising that sales are brisk of the most popular gun in a category of guns that may be banned.

The idea that people are going out and buying an AR-15 because they are somehow impressed or attracted to it because of its role in the Sandy Hook shooting is ridiculous and offensive, and suggesting this simply demonstrates that you are approaching this from a perspective of complete ignorance and willful misunderstanding.

I own a single handgun and I hardly ever shoot it. But I considered buying an AR-15 back in December. Why? For exactly the reason Ferret Herder suggested - “Fuck, better get one while I still can.” Ultimately, I decided I really didn’t care that much, and that a ban was unlikely to pass anyway.

Even that doesn’t make sense though. They put off buying an assault weapon, yet they weren’t slaughtered by roving bands of criminals.

Hey, I’ve noticed you aren’t dead. Guess you must be immortal, then?

So far.

Der Trihs, just for you–

Indeed, I find it very offensive.

I’ve owned AR-15s and clones for 30 years. I assure you my interest is historical and mechanical, and has nothing to do with illegal uses. I still need three to make up examples of the production models through the A2 (SP1-type fixed-stock carbine, A1-style rifle (teardrop forward-assist), and early-pattern ‘M16’), plus an example of the prototype that was never put into production. Getting parts is virtually impossible now, due to the median-and government-induced hysteria. I have an SP1-style lower receiver on order for the early-pattern rifle, but it will take months before the manufacturer’s production catches up with demand – and perhaps a year before I can get the matching upper receiver. Even spring kits are sold out. I’m not buying these because I fear a ban or because I want a mass murderer’s weapon of choice; I’m just trying to collect examples of significant developments in the type.

Like you, I rarely shoot.

That’s pretty much where I’m coming from.

I thought about joining the frenzy, but decided not to.

If there’s not a ban, I’ll pick one up in a year when the people that bought a bunch of them start to resell them at a loss and drive prices into the cellar.

If there is a ban, I still have my M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, SKS-45, and my straight pull and bolt actions to play with and I’ll just continue my life without an AR-15 just like before.

no offense, but why do you bother posting about this stuff here anymore? You know exactly who is going to respond and what they are going to say.

Speak for yourself. I still can’t park my car in the garage because of the pallet of boxcutters I bought after 9/11.

Well, you sure told us.