The mother of all confusing E-mails, Chapter Eight, Episode 946

I imagine that most everybody gets an E-mail at one point or another that just completely confuses the shit out of them. For example, a while back, I got an E-mail from “Unknown”, the message was “None”, and the entire body of the message said, simply, “QUIT”. That was odd primarily because I wasn’t employed anywhere at the time. Perhaps they were telling me to quit breathing (it’s hazardous to your death!). But I just got an E-mail that blew that one out of the water.

First off, let’s show you a sample of the addresses that it was sent to…

All told, there were several dozen addresses that received this particular E-mail, and they all continued in that pattern (my E-mail address feel right in between “jmspong” and “jmspooner”).

Obviously, this came from a spambot. But that’s not the amusing part… the body of the message is as follows…

Hmm… looks like someone wanted to put together yet another “Make your dick so big it’ll scare people!”-type spam, but wound up with this monstrosity of symbols that only Artoo-Detoo could comprehend. Just out of curiosity, anyone know what that gibberish means?

Anyhoo, that’s my amusing E-mail story of the day/week/month/eon. Anyone else care to share?

Could it be part of a more common spam message?