The mountain ash tree is golden in the early morning sun

Woke up early this morning, so I’m siting in our living room, watching the sun come up.

The good Lord has finally taken note of the Piper prayer, and we have had two consecutive days without rain. Instead, we’ve had crisp fall days, bright blue skies, and sun!

And the leaves have started turning. There’s a smattering of yellow in the elms and ashes, the ornamental crab is rusty red, and the mountain ash outside our front door is a glorious gold, with hints of crimson, glowing in the rays from the long-absent sun.

Everyone else in the Piper household is sleeping in. Aside from the two squirrels that were fighting on the porch roof, peace reigns.

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Sunday mornings, when everyone else is sleeping in, are nice, quiet times.

Have the robins eaten all the berries off it? Because that’s what happens with mine. Mine is still mostly green, by the way, with just the odd yellow leaflet.

I have no mountain ash tree, but the sun is shining gloriously through the turning leaves on the Manitoba maples in the back yard. I’ve got a few things to do today, but I just might also try to get out for a little golf, if I can. It would be a good day for it.

I went for a long walk last week (we finally started getting nice weather, too), and I was struck by a paper birch with dark branches and bright yellow, luminous-looking leaves - it was just a gorgeous contrast. I didn’t enjoy all the cold crappy weather we had for, well, September, but it was perfect for changing the leaves - the cotoneaster hedges are all on fire right now.

An update - we drove out to the Qu’Appelle valley and on to Regina Beach in the afternoon, just because. The valley was gorgeous - the trees are turning, and the hills are browning a bit, but a side benefit of all that rain is that the grass is still gorgeously green in spots.

The lake was too cold for swimming, so the Pipers just rolled up their pant legs and went wading, in between adventures on the gym set by the Piper Cub (who is determined to give his parents grey hairs by climbing up the most adventurous ways, rated above his age). Then another lovely drive home, stopping at the farmers market to buy a few veg and a pumpkin pie. A warm fall evening, ending with Pipers eating pumpkin pie.

G’night, all.

Lovely - for all the people who like to talk about how boring Saskatchewan is, I just have one phrase for them - Qu’Appelle Valley. It’s astonishingly beautiful there. Then there’s northern Saskatchewan - I don’t think anyone believes me when I say it’s nothing but trees and lakes up there.

And now I want pumpkin pie. And garlic farmer’s sausage from a Mennonite farm. :slight_smile:

I have yet to explore Saskatchewan fully. But I have been through the Qu’Appelle valley. It’s quite beautiful, as are the other parts of Saskatchewan I’ve seen and the people I’ve met there. I’m looking forward to returning some day.

Though I will say that the place is just lousy with Green Riders fans… :smiley:

Yeah, you can’t swing a watermelon without hitting one. :smiley:

For all you fall colour lovers out there, I took a picture of a cotoneaster near my house - I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them more gorgeous.

(As a bonus, here’s my cat on my back deck, hanging out with the scarecrow. :smiley: )

Ooooh, pretty! So very autumnal. I love them.